New Spacey Games I’m Being Made Aware of (And I’d Like to Be Made Aware of More…)

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Hey y’all, just chiming in because — thanks to Space Sector and SpaceSimCentral — I’ve been learning about new space games I’d never heard of before, and wanted to give credit where credit was due. I also wanted to keep y’all in the loop, in case you missed the mention of these on the other sites. These include:

  • Galaxial – An open 2D strategy game
  • Novus Aeterno – A spacey MMO
  • Deep Space Settlement – A real-time empire building strategy game
  • Saturn IV – A space combat game
  • Void Destroyer – A tactical space combat game.
  • Galactic Patrol Pirates – A spacey RTS currently looking for beta testers.
  • Another I found on Kickstarter! Rubicon – A neat looking mix of Mechwarrior and Elite?!
  • One more guys! Fairspace Genesis – Another spacey MMO, this one is free right now. Thanks ehxo!
  • And another besides! StarLife – An indie 4X game that’s still in alpha.

These have also been added to the list. Now, I try to find all the games I can on my own, but since I’m one guy, I’m asking for help as well. ;)

If you’re a developer of a computer-based space game (i.e. not for mobile or consoles, sorry), and your game isn’t on my list, I invite you to contact me so I can help promote your game. I also have a forum thread dedicated solely to new game announcements and news updates for your use. I’m all about spreading the spacey game love here, and while I’d like to think do a fair job on my own of finding new games to cover, I’d do a better one with some help. ;)

Thanks guys, for visiting and reading! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

22 thoughts on “New Spacey Games I’m Being Made Aware of (And I’d Like to Be Made Aware of More…)

  1. Void Destroyer looks awesome. I’ll have a session tonight to try it out.

    1. It does, huh? I wish I had time to try it. Let us know what you think please!

      1. I’m installing it now, I’ll write up something tomorrow on the forums. If I can take screenshots without installing FRAPS I’ll also post some. :)

        1. thanks for the kind words :) Press the print screen button on your keyboard to take screen shots without fraps. The images appear in the root of the game directory (EG: C:\VoidDestroyer)

          1. Welcome Chasavy! Thanks for the tip, and I can’t wait to try your game! :)

  2. i’ve not heard of any of these either, until now. they look good but strategy not my favorite. i like ’em, but i suck at them.

  3. Fairspace Genesis tried it 1-2 minutes, have to get used to the controls.
    Interface reminds me of Freelancer.

  4. It is exactly like Freelancer. I got used to the Controls and I really like it! :)
    Some more “innovations” then Freelancer.

    1. great, maybe i’ll find some people online when i play it then :) (never saw anyone in 9 hours of game)

      1. I have 1 hour now too. :D
        The problem is i live in Germany, so the time is way different.

  5. Thanks for the interest in StarLife.
    It’s still in early development but that means it’s that much easy give suggestions or ideas that I could put in the game.
    Great site by the way, cheers!

    1. Welcome to the site Tiago, and good luck with StarLife. :) Thanks for the kind words, also. Let me ask, is the game playable at this point?

      1. Sorry for the delay.

        Thank you! Just a tiny part of the game is playable right now but it’s just alpha release, it’s the Tactical Combat part of the game.
        So you can move the ship around and check the interface, how it acts and so on. The AI at the moment just try to get as near as possible and then shoot with everything they got.

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