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Hey y’all, some spacey game Kickstarter projects are coming to a close shortly, and aren’t near their funding goals, so if you can help ’em out, please do so, as we need more spacey games. These include:

  • Kinetic Void: 30 Hours Left, 60% Funded Fully Funded!! YAY!!
  • Edge of Space: 9 Days Left, 53% Funded
  • Conquest 2: 10 Days Left, 1% Funded – This one is being pulled down, sadly, due to lack of interest. :(

As always, I’m on the lookout for more space games on Kickstarter, so if you see any that I’ve not mentioned, please let me know. Thanks y’all!

11 comments on Spacey Kickstarters Still Needing Help

          1. Until we reach that magic number, we need help. :) Not as much as KV did though – it’s a fair cop. But we’re always open to contributing to SGJ!

            1. Hey Vaev, I’ll be honest, I’m pretty certain you guys will make it, which is why I didn’t think y’all needed any help, but you’re right of course, and I apologize. I’m forgetting if I have your email, could you please contact me through the contact page and we’ll discuss it further? :)

  1. Oh god yes, Kinetic Void is done :)
    I like this game! :D

    Pity for Conquest :( they not got enough advertisment.

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