HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Conquest 2 Gets a Kickstarter!!!!

Conquest 2 Shot

Many, many years ago, an exceptional space RTS/4X mix called Conquest: Frontier Wars was released, and it was glorious. While it was at its base an RTS game, it had 4X elements, an excellent interface and fabulous gameplay. A sequel was then planned, and a demo released for it, but nothing happened after that.

Well, imagine my gorram shock when JD commented in the Nexus 2 kickstarter post about a new Kickstarter campaign for Conquest 2 – The Vyrium Uprising that has begun. I swear, this is a glorious time to be a space game fan. Get over there and kick it, dangit! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Conquest 2 Gets a Kickstarter!!!!

  1. Eric Peterson and Mike Morlan on board – that’s good. Nice guys, although I don’t if I’m saying that from personal experience or because my old editor kept saying they were :)

    Right, what’s next today, Starlancer?

  2. Talk about a revival of the game has been going for some time now in the CFW Command forums. Imagine my suprise when after a year I suddenly see several threads about a kickstarter in the making an one that said; kickstarter launched.

    Amazing that a developer all these years (since 2003) has kept in touch with the mod fanbase. I mean that is what I call class and for that alone this team needs all the support they can get.

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