Space Game Kickstarters Still Needing Help

Money! That's...What I Want!
If You Have Some Extra of This, Help Some Space Games Out...

Hey y’all, I wanted to just remind y’all that several spacey Kickstarters are ending soon — or off to a really slow start — so they could use some funding to help meet their goals. These include:

  • Squad Wars: 6% Funded, 3 Days Left (Check out my Q&A)
  • Kinetic Void: 23% Funded, 15 Days Left
  • Skyjacker: 12% Funded, 16 Days Left
  • Edge of Space: 19% Funded, 23 Days Left
  • Conquest 2 Vyrium Uprising: Only 1% Funded, 24 Days Left

So if any of these look interesting to ya, please kick ’em some funds if you can. Also, if there are any computer space games not listed here that I should be aware of, please let me know. Thanks!

Author: Brian Rubin

15 thoughts on “Space Game Kickstarters Still Needing Help

        1. Looks good but pseudo free-play MMOs are just not my thing. World of Tanks showed me what a huge money hole it can burn in my wallet.
          No thanks :)

  1. Drifter is missing in the list, don’t you think? :)
    And as far as I understand, Edge of Space isn’t really about… well, space. It’s a side-scroller on planets, same way Capsized and Starbound can be named space games, although they aren’t.
    But yeah, rocket sharks sure look awesome :)

  2. Skyjacker looks great. I think i might donate a few bucks if i can.
    Edge of Space looks interesting, but it just looks like Terraria on another planet. is there any “space” involved?
    Squad Wars looks good but i don’t see how it’s gonna make that goal with only 3 days left.
    Skyjacker will get my money.
    I do wish the developers would space these kickstarter projects out more. I wish i could support all of them but, I’m on the poor side of the economy. [robot voice] need. more. gaming. credits.

    1. Yeah, that’s fair all around. We did get kinda bombarded all at once, it felt.

    2. Veav here from the Skyjacker effort – thanks for the shout-out, and for your kind words! We really appreciate every bit of support.

      Yeah, it wasn’t just space games piling on; we’ve had big names like Carmageddon, Republique and Grim Dawn hogging all the spotlight. Not saying anything against these titles – I’m in on each of them too – but we don’t have big industry names or nostalgia to pull in traffic, so it’s been an uphill battle.

      The other half of it is they started with a language barrier. Eugene is a charming, earnest guy; Digitilus has many talented and experienced professionals. What it (still) doesn’t have is a seasoned PR goon or a dedicated, fluent translator. So this has been a learning process for them – and there are a bunch of things Kickstarter won’t let you change once you’ve started.

      But keep an eye out for Skyjacker! This specific Kickstarter may not pull through (time is running really short) but what doesn’t kill them will only make them stronger. }:D

    3. LordShaggy here from the Edge of Space Team: Our game will have some things you might find familiar from terraria, but plays very different. There is more focus on exploration with purpose, and dominating your environment.

      We are building this game for lots of expand-ability.

      Thanks for the shout out by the way Brian. ArkCo Salutes you!

    1. Welcome to the blog Amanda! As for SpaceVenture, the reason I’ve not really covered it is because my site focuses on games wherein one has direct control over a spacecraft, and none of the Space Quest games had that option. Now, if it comes to light that SpaceVenture does offer some sort of sim or strategy experience along with the adventure, I’ll happily cover it. You can read all of my rules on the about page to see what a have has to offer in terms of me covering it. :) I hope this makes sense, but if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :) Thanks for visiting!

      1. Thanks so much for the response, Brian! I’ve read your “about” page. The Two Guys did say (update 14 on their Kickstarter site):
        “*You will navigate your own spacecraft through the SpaceVenture galaxy.
        *You will engage in hilarious space dogfight sequences.”
        which hints at at least a little sim/strategy, but perhaps it won’t be a major component.
        In other (but retro-gamey) news, if you’re still planning to review every spaceship game ever, you’ll have to check out Federation II eventually. It’s a massively (if more people still played it) online all-text game. Being text-based, the flight simulation comes down to a bunch of NWSWW (whatever “north” and “west” refer to in space) but you definitely spend ages piloting your ship, buying it upgrades, and fighting/fleeing pirates. It used to be a great trading sim, too, in the nineties, when a trillion people played at once on AOL. It’s too quiet now. But free!

        1. Thanks for the tips, Amanda. I’ll contact the SpaceVenture folks and ask for clarification. Not that I don’t believe ya, I just wanna be sure before covering it, you know? :)

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