Get Weird Worlds On the Cheap in the Latest Indie Royale Bundle

So indie bundles are allll the rage these days, but sadly most of ’em haven’t included spacey games. That changes today with the latest bundle from Indie Royale. Entitled the “May Hurray Bundle” — really? THAT’S the name? — it includes five games, most notably Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. Right now you can get Weird Worlds — which I’m currently reviewing and enjoying very much — and all the other games and soundtracks for about $5, so what are you waiting for! Snag it now! Thanks for the @DManiac777!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Get Weird Worlds On the Cheap in the Latest Indie Royale Bundle

  1. I’ve been waiting for Weird Worlds to dip below its $25 boutique price for years. And the original, Strange Adventures, is still very much woth playing. (and it is free)

  2. Talked me into it. Actually I too have been thinking about buying it, but the price plus that zombie puzzler bundled with it makes it a total no-brainer (ha!) for me.

  3. It’s funny. They probably thought Dungeon Defenders was the big “hook” to legitimize the bundle and convince people to play. But like you guys, it was Weird Worlds that convinced me to jump in, especially considering D.D. goes on sale all the time, and Weird Worlds has been a quarter of a hundred dollars (which is like “$25” but sounds more costly) since its release.

    1. Hi Z, and welcome to the blog! Yeah, a lot of folks are getting this just for WW, and rightfully so. :)

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