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Money! That's...What I Want!
Isn't It What We All Want, Really? ;)

So y’all might’ve noticed that I put up a scenic spacey background image up behind the content, and there were a couple of reasons I’ve done this. First, I thought it looked pretty — which it does, adds a touch of flair I think — but second was to see if I could do it in the first place.

Now I’ve dabbled a touch with advertising before, such as Amazon and GOG affiliate links, but recently, the folks publishing Gemini Wars, Iceberg Interactive, asked if I would like to do some advertising for their game, which involved a clickable background. This is, honestly, my first advertising deal EVER, and I’m kinda giddy about it. Since I’m planning a big move this Summer, the extra coin will help. The ad in question will start near the end of this month and will run for around a month.

I therefore wanted to be up front and honest with y’all about what’s going on. I don’t plan to plaster the site with advertising banners or any of that stuff, but I would love it if I could do enough advertising to at least pay for hosting for this site. This means I will hopefully get deals like this, wherein the advertising isn’t in your face, but still noticeable.

Honestly? I’m positively GIDDY that I’m getting enough traffic to be even CONSIDERED as worthy of carrying advertising for someone else, so thank you all for that. I also hope to keep all advertising on the site engaging yet subtle, so it’s not in your face or anything. This is a blog first and foremost, and while it would be a DREAM COME TRUE to make lots of money off it, I’m not going to sacrifice the user experience to do so.

So thank you all again, SO MUCH, for continuing to visit my site. I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a lovely day and weekend. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to comment here or contact me directly. Thanks again folks!

Author: Brian Rubin

25 thoughts on “Site Stuff: Honesty and Advertising

  1. Oh, well no, right now it isn’t, the ad hasn’t started yet. Crap, I should mention that. :/

  2. A little typo here: “..even CONSIDERED as worthy of carrying advertising for someone else, so that you all for that.

    1. Gah! Sorry, I hate when I miss stuff like that. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Brian, if you need some donations just ask, can’t spare that much right now with the new baby coming, but I’d be glad to shell 10 bucks for the site.

    1. Oh nonono, not asking anything of the sort, just being up front about what’s going to happen in a bit. :)

      1. I know that’s not what you meant, but still it wouldn’t be a big problem and most of us would gladly donate. ;)

        1. Wow…that is just…I don’t even…excuse me, I’m getting all faklempt…

  4. Donation button?

    I think I can redirect some funding to the needy in Africa to this…

  5. Just want to say good job on the site, and it’s one of the few sites I check daily. If it helps you to post more news and not go broke then power to you!

    1. Welcome to the site Jed, and thank you SO MUCH for the kind words! :) I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site! :)

  6. Another congratulations! – I don’t think you’ll have any problems as long as – hold on have to close this giant car add that’s blocking the screen over on this other window… where’s that music coming from? No I don’t want to buy perfume…

    1. Welcome to the revised Space Game and Shopping Junkie! All of your space game news, plus all the greatest deals, right under one roof! Save early, safe often!

  7. I think since space game advertisements go with the theme of the site, as long as they don’t pop up over the article content in windows you’re constantly having to close, it wouldn’t be annoying and would fit.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! It really is a labor of love, and when I have the time and energy (which I don’t have right now because I’m sick) it’s updated a lot more often, so I hope we see you around more often as well. “_

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