Spacey Snippets – 5/7/12

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Hey y’all, how are you? I seem to only have time to do these every other week nowadays, so the news SURE does pile up. With that in mind, let’s begin!

  • PC Gamer has an article regarding Novus Aeterno — a game I only found out about recently, thanks to SpaceSimCentral — and how it claims to be the “first true MMORTS”.
  • According to the BorderSpace Twitter account, they’ve released a significant update to their wiki, so check it out!
  • According to the official Starfarer website, a new version has been released that adds accidents, music, improved AI and more!
  • There’s a new video up of the latest beta from the FTL folks, which I’ll embed below after the cut.
  • The official Star Conflict website has been updated with more information on the Troy system. They also have some new Thar wallpaper.
  • There’s a new version of the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator that updates the 3D engine, revises existing races and adds…Space Whales…yup…Space Whales. Even though I’ve no one to play it with at the moment, I kinda want to get it just for the Space Whales.
  • The Starlight Inception folks have launched a little Q&A video on their Kickstarter page to help answer people’s common questions and hopefully get them the backing they need with just days left in the campaign. This Kickstarter ends VERY soon, so help ’em out if you can.
  • According to Eurogamer, the folks over on EVE Online will be giving players the choice of a gift to celebrate their nine year anniversary. This could be various skill books, lasers or implants.
  • Spealing of, Apparently crap is going down in EVE wherein folks are trying to destroy the economy, and Eurogamer has what I feel are the best articles on the subject here and here. VG247 also has a good summary.
  • According to a press release, Battlestar Galactica Online has reached ten million players. Dayum
  • Along with a whole new website, you can also read an article on Salvation Prophecy over on Rock, Paper Shotgun that makes for pretty good readin’.
  • The latest release candidate for the Freespace Source Project has been release. Hopefully we’ll get our grubby paws on it soon.
  • Lunar Flight was featured on the latest Return Fire Podcast. They also have a new wallpaper and a new branding logo. They’ve also released a pretty awesome article talking about their Steam sales, which is pretty bold and honest.
  • The folks at Destructoid revisited the Kerbal Space Program, which is a good read.
  • There were several looks at Endless Space recently, including from Rock, Paper Shotgun, Strategy Core and Space Sector.
  • Space Sector also has an interview with the folks at the Logic Factory, who made the amazing game Ascendancy.
  • According to Space Sim Central, the folks behind the upcoming game Galactic Patrol Pirates is looking for beta testers.
  • On the Beyond Beyaan blog, Brent apologizes for the wait for version 0.5.3, as well as an update on the demo download. He’s also introduced a new race, the Salix Cybornia!
  • There’s a new dev version of Blockade Runner that adds wings and other things.
  • Space Pirates and Zombies, Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion and Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter all got updates recently.
  • The official Wing Commander Saga website now has the soundtrack available for download.
  • Rock, Paper Shotgun has an article about a little space game called Space Murder which is being revived after reaching prototype stage and then dropped a while back.
  • Finally, in non-gamey news, the amazing Concept Ships blog has fantastic entries from David Demaret, Manuel Gomez, Vaughan Ling and Tae won jun.

WHEW! I gotta not have such a long break in-between these things, this one took FOREVER. Worth it though, as I like giving y’all all the news I can. :) Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

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    1. Right? First we’ll see ship mods, like Star Trek and Star Wars I’m guessing.

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