New Space Game to Kickstart – Edge of Space

Edge of Space Concept Art

I Am So Confused Right Now...

Hot on the heels of Starlight Inception’s amazing 11th hour Kickstarter campaign success — they reached their goal with about 25 minutes to spare, if you missed it — we have a new spacey game to throw money at. ;) This time it’s a game called Edge of Space, which looks pretty cool! It looks to be a mixture of space exploration and building, wherein they want “exploration with a purpose”, in terms of building space stations, claiming expanses of space and so on. I know I’m gonna keep an eye — I mean it has spaceships AND mechs AND sharks with rocket launchers, c’mon, how is that NOT awesome? — on it and you should too. Thanks to PlaySF Magazine on Twitter for the tip!

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8 Responses

  1. ngo_no says:

    The concept art looks pretty astounding. Where can I sign up for the beta?

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog! And it doesn’t look like there is one yet. :/

    • TheDarkness says:

      It says in the kickstarter donations of $15 get in beta

      • Brian Rubin says:

        Welcome TheDarkness! And yes it does, but I was assuming the question meant outside of Kickstarter, since it did indeed say it right there? ;)

  2. LordShaggy says:

    Beta is going to be given to those who donate 15$ or more of the kickstarter. So if you wanna be apart of creating an awesome space game, get on now!

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