Calling Indie Space Game Devs: Space Bundle Idea in The Works

Working Together to Make the Perfect Bundle
Working Together to Make the Perfect Bundle

So the other day, I got an email from the developer of Dangerous, Linh Ngo, about the possibility of a space game specific indie bundle. Here’s what he said in his email:

After a flash of insight, I’m trying to get the Space Bundle off the ground seeing as there’s never been anything like it. I’m in the process of putting together the website and am contacting various space game developers to see if they’d like be in on the first one. Obviously, our game Dangerous will be included. :) I’m trying for diversity in the types of space games: RPG, 4X, RTS, etc., trying to pick non-mainstreamed titles opting for the less known developers, and I’m following the interface and pricing as in bundles past, like the Humble Bundle. We’ll also pick a charity or two as is the norm.

So I said I’d help get the word out, of course. :) Therefore, if any indie space game developers read this, and would like to get in on this action, pleas email Linh and express your interest. I know there are a lot of bundles out there right now, but having a genre-specific one I think would be an awesome thing. :) Thanks folks!

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “Calling Indie Space Game Devs: Space Bundle Idea in The Works

  1. Wow! Brian, you are my hero. I randomly stumbled upon this post, otherwise would have never thought of getting in on something like this – my company is literally wrapping up our foundation level code now and will be starting our first internal alpha tests soon, so thx for the post!

    (We are trying to keep in the shadows right now while everything is in pre-release stage, but feel free to check out our ever-changing, early site layout @

    1. Hah, nice, I’m glad you found the place, Tyler, and welcome. :) Let me ask, out of all of your games, it looks as if Escaping Titan is the one that has a spaceship in it, is this correct? :)

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