Conquest 2 Q&A with Eric Peterson: Refitting the Fleet for a Relaunch…

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5 Responses

  1. Janster says:

    Well, in theory this can be interresting, I just think they put the goal to high, it may be just pure psychological, considering what some games pull in, but setting it as low as you possibly can may be a smarter approach..

    • Janster,

      The goal is actually quite low for a AAA title, like Conquest. The first one cost around $7 million and we already have more than $1 million into the sequel.

      The problem with seeking a lower threshold was that we would not be able to deliver at that smaller amount and that would be pretty poor of us as human beings to take money and not deliver.

      So, we set it at the lowest point we could deliver a triple A title and if it is simply too early in KStarters life to support that, then so be it.

      Can’t hurt to try though, right?


  2. Timmaigh! says:

    Great Interview, thank you!

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