Spacey Game Newsies and Dealises 1/22/14: Getting Over the Hump

News Hands!

Newsiness! Yay!

Hello my friends, and happy hump day! The news has piled up again, so it’s time for me to throw it back at you, like a mama bird feeding her young or something. ;) With that lovely image in mind, let’s dive in, shall we?

Wait, we’re not done, as two bundles have some spacey game goodness. First is the Kingdoms Bundle which has Sword of the Stars Complete for $3.01 at the moment. Secondly, Groupees has an Indie Bundle which includes Starpoint Gemini for $1, or also Haegemonia Gold for $4.

That’s it folks, have a great day!

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Spacey Game News and Deals 3/8/13: Prepping for The Weekend

Drink In the News...


Hey everyone, happy Friday! It’s the weekend, and I might actually get to play some games for the first time in over a WEEK. I am going through physical withdrawal, so I NEED to get some gaming in, not only to make the shaking stop, but to put more content on the site. It’s been a CRAZY week! We recorded three podcasts this week, and it was totally, TOTALLY worth all the effort. :) With that said, let’s close the week out with some news. :)

That’s it for gamey news, but we’re not done! There are deals today as well. GetGames is having a Strategy Sale, which includes these space games:

Finally, in somewhat related news, over on SolCommand there’s an updated Blackstar ship model for your modeling use.

Oh, wait, you were wondering where the third podcast was, since we only released two this week. Sorry, silly me, I forgot to mention that WE TALKED TO CHRIS ROBERTS YESTERDAY! OMG! That podcast will go up on Monday, so stay tuned, and have an awesome weekend! ;)

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Steam Holday Sale Has Launched!

Steam Logo


The Steam Holiday Sale is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, and here are all the spacey games I’ve been able to find (which is similar to the Thanksgiving sale in a lot of ways):

No go buy stuff! ;)


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Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 11/27/12

Drowning in News

*glug* SO MUCH *glug* NEWS

AAHHH! SO MUCH NEWS and DEALS! I’m drowning in it! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalp!

You thought I was done?! HAH, I’ve barely BEGUN! Now we have DEALS!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! First, the dev behind Dangerous let me know that his game is on sale on GamersGate, where you can the game itself for $10, the soundtrack for $4, or the deluxe edition (which includes both) for $12.50. That isn’t all GamersGate has for us today. They also have:

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! The folks at Green Man Gaming are having an Iceberg Interactive sale, which includes these spacey games:

FINALLY, over on the Concept Ships blog, they have some lovely ship designs from Dmitry Vishnevsky.

OMG I can breathe again! WHEW! That took pretty much my entire lunch break to write, so I hope y’all enjoyed it. Have a great day!

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Steam Autumn Sale is OOOOOON! – Updated

Steam Logo

You Magnificent Bastard!

Edit 2:Updated as of Black Friday morning with more deals.

Edit 1: This looks like a handily dandily tool to keep track of this stuff. Hope y’all find it helpful. :)

And we’re off! Once again, Steam is giving us the opportunity to throw money at them with another huge sale, the Steam Autumn Sale! So big, it deserves its own post! ;) Now, I don’t know all of the deals as I don’t have the time or energy to go through EEEEEVERYTHANG, but here’s the spacey game deals I did find (and please feel free to mention others in the comments.

First off, there’s an indie games sale which includes the following spacey game deals:

  • FTL for $9.99 or with its soundtrack for $13.98. This one could be glitchy since the sale just began.
  • Gemini Wars for $11.99
  • Gratuitous Space Battles Complete Pack for $9.49 (or 75% off the individual game and 50% off each piece of DLC). This one is a STEAL.
  • Galaxy on Fire II HD for $9.99, which is fantastic.
  • Endless Space for $14.99 for the Admiral Edition, $17.49 for the Emperor Special Edition, and $1.70 to upgrade the Admiral to the Emperor Edition.

As for individual games, the ones I know of so far are:

So go have at it! Have fun, spend responsibly, and enjoy! Good luck, and good hunting my friends.


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Spacey Game News and Deals – 10/30/12

Newsy News

Look! News! And Deals Too!

Hey y’all, happy Tuesday! I hope all of our friends on the east coast of the US are okay, and that everyone affected by hurricane Sandy recovers quickly and easily. I dunno how to segue into gaming news after that, so I’ll just jump right in:

Now, we have a buncha sales today too!

And finally, in non-spacey game news, the Concept Ships blog has a lovely spaceship painting by MANCHU.

That’s it for today folks, have a great day, and stay safe!



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Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 10/12/12

News RSS Image

What? Look, I Know This Image is Stupid, But It’s Tough Finding Free Stock Images of ‘News’. :P

Hey y’all, happy Friday! I’d like to say this first week of daily news digests is going well! It’s keeping me focused on writing SOMETHING each day, and I hope it’s helping keep y’all informed as to all the spacey gamey goodness out there. Now with that said, let’s dive in:

  • Sol Trader has been updated with new AI traders, revised UI screens, and save/load functionality. Seems like a good time to try this little beauty, huh? I know I’m gonna.
  • According to a press release, the folks behind Iron Sky Invasion are using actors from the film — which I still need to see — in the game, which is pretty cool.
  • The folks behind Blackspace posted an update on their Kickstarter page talking about new reward add-ons.
  • Also on Kickstarter, the folks behind Ring Runner have announced a new award tier that allows users to help create a whole new skill for the game.
  • And in the final Kickstarter update, the folks behind M.O.R.E. have announced that their game has been fully funded. Congrats to them!!!
  • Paste Magazine has a great review of FTL up.

In today’s deals, we have a couple worth mentioning:

Thanks to Bryan for this tip! The folks at GetGames are having a Sci-Fi Sale which includes the following spacey games (which are all pretty good deals in my opinion):

In non-space-gamey news, Cliff Harris — the bloke behind Gratuitous Space Battles – announced that after many years, his game Diplomacy 2 is finally on Steam! Congrats Cliff! Finally, there are some fantastic spaceship paintings by Adrien Girod over on the Concepts Ships blog.

That’s it for now y’all! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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Spacey Game News and Deals – 10/10/12

News and Coffee

Two of My Favorite Things. ;) Space Game News and Coffee.

Hey y’all, how are ya? We all by now should know the BIG NEWS of the day (look down if you missed it ;), but other stuff happened too! Check it:

  • There’s a look at Star Citizen over on Rock, Paper Shotgun. BIG NEWS!
  • You can now get a copy of the cool looking spacey simmy sandboxy game Dangerous over on GamersGate. I need to review this one soon, only played a teensy bit of it but I enjoyed it!
  • Vendetta Online has recently been updated to version 1.8.230, and will also apparently be available directly on Windows 8 and Windows RT through the Windows Store.
  • The Rodina website has been updated with a new post with some scant details and a video (which I’ll embed after the cut) of their FTL drive, called the Limnal Drive.
  • There’s a new beta patch (version 0.924) for Drox Operative which “adds bonus skills for high base crew points, adds damage bonuses/penalties for different damage/defense type combinations”. Awesome!
  • I was just notified today that the fun-looking space tug of war game Aeon Command now has a release date: October 30th! Congrats to them! For more info on the game, you can check out my Q&A with the developer, or these lovely screenshots they sent along. :)
  • In even more news, the Star Conflict site has a new video from some Brazilian players entitled “RaptorStealth in Slow Motion” which I’ll also embed after the cut. It’s got some hot spaceshippy action which makes me wonder if this thing actually hit release and I just missed it. Time to look into that. ;) (Edit: Nope, still pre-release, but I should look into it regardless ;).

In the deals column, you can get Starpoint Gemini over on GamersGate for $5.99 today only. Finally, in non-spacey news, there are some new awesome concept ship designs by John Wallin Liberto over on the Concept Ships blog.

That’s it for now. Have an awesome day y’all!

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Some Spacey Gaming Deals to Share

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Space Games for Cheap!

Hey y’all, hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I just wanted to let y’all of some deals going on involving some spacey game goodness. First is the Indie Royale Back to School Bundle which includes Lunar Flight for around $6 as I write this.

Secondly is the Bundle in a Box Deep Space Bundle, which includes:

  • Space Giraffe
  • Death Ray Manta
  • The Wreckless (which I’ve played and is pretty fun)
  • Dark Scavenger
  • and Armalyte for the minimum price of $0.99
  • If you beat the average of $4.58 as I write this, you also get Sol: Exodus (review here), Miner Wars Arena and RobotRiot

Along with some nice extras, which I might snag just the the soundtracks and such.

Finally, Gamestop/Impulse is having a Top 100 Under $10 sale, which includes the following spacey games:

The Nordic and SotS bundle are, IMO, the best deals here, with Starpoint Gemini also being worth ten bones easily.

Some good stuff here, so whatever you get, I hope you enjoy! Have a great day!


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