Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 11/27/12

Drowning in News
*glug* SO MUCH *glug* NEWS

AAHHH! SO MUCH NEWS and DEALS! I’m drowning in it! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalp!

  • *coughing up water* Okay, here’s a bit that both news and a deal! HAH! Didn’t expect that one huh? So y’all remember Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space? Well apparently the folks behind it, Infinite Space Games, severed ties with the folks at Shrapnel Games and can now sell their games on places like Desura and Steam for much cheaper than before. Speaking of cheap, it’ll also be on IndieGameStand starting next Monday! AWESOME. There’s also a new launch trailer you can watch by clicking the link or watching it below. :) This is awesome, as these guys deserve more sales.
  • In other big news, Kerbal Space Program will soon be “sandbox complete” with what they’re calling their biggest update yet. To celebrate this and their second anniversary, they’ll be hosting a KerbalKon on November 30th with dev talks, interviews, contests and more! I hope to get an early review copy so I can finally, seriously dive into it and hopefully not crash every time I try to fly anything. ;)
  • There’s a lot of Endless Space news today, including a new dev blog entry talking about multiplayer, a new trailer over on Facebook (which is too big to embed below) and a new review over on TruePCGaming.
  • Over on the Kickstarter for Limit Theory, Josh wrote a little entry about reaching his funding goals, as did Rock, Paper Shotgun.
  • In Star Citizen news, there’s an interview with Chris Roberts from PressPlayOnline (which I’ll embed below) as well as a new FAQ covering insurance and more.
  • On the Kickstarter for Dominion – Episode 1, there’s word of a new screenshot and an updated video for the pitch.
  • The FTL folks have an update on their Kickstarter page regarding those waiting for physical rewards.
  • There a review of Miner Wars 2081 over on Green Lit Gaming.
  • Finally, there’s an article on IncGamers about how the publisher model prevented Elite: Dangerous from being made. No further comment on that.

You thought I was done?! HAH, I’ve barely BEGUN! Now we have DEALS!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! First, the dev behind Dangerous let me know that his game is on sale on GamersGate, where you can the game itself for $10, the soundtrack for $4, or the deluxe edition (which includes both) for $12.50. That isn’t all GamersGate has for us today. They also have:

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! The folks at Green Man Gaming are having an Iceberg Interactive sale, which includes these spacey games:

  • Starpoint Gemini for $12.49
  • SOL Exodus: Collector’s Edition for $3.74
  • Star Ruler for $3.74

FINALLY, over on the Concept Ships blog, they have some lovely ship designs from Dmitry Vishnevsky.

OMG I can breathe again! WHEW! That took pretty much my entire lunch break to write, so I hope y’all enjoyed it. Have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 11/27/12

  1. Sweet fat wad of news, Brian! These posts really are deeep in space game happenings.

    That’s not a very informative warning sign. What’s it supposed to caution you against? Drowning person zone? Whirlpools? Riptides? Merciless feet tickelings delivered by sea anemones?

    1. Hahaha, that was the best public domain pic I could find for “drowning”. ;)

  2. Josh Parnell’s Limit Theory passed the first stretch goal and will include a ship editor. He already posted a first very rough prototype that impressively shows what we will possibly have in our hands even way before the actual release of the game, similar to the Spore Editor.

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