Impulse has some Sci-Fi Bargains

Starpoint Gemini is a fine game.
Get Starpoint Gemini for 50% off!

Over on Impulse, you can find some great deals on sci-fi games at the moment. These include:

Starpoint Gemini for %50 off at $14.99. This is a really fun space combat RPG thingy that’s totally worth the price.

Dreamcatcher Sci-Fi Bundle for %66 off at $14.99. This bundle includes AquaNox, AquaNox 2: Revelation, Chaser, SpaceForce Rogue Universe, SpaceForce Captains and Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade. Out of all of these, the only one I’ve not played is Chaser, but the rest are at least pretty decent (the best being SpaceForce Rogue Universe). While I wouldn’t recommend many of these by themselves at $14.99, for the entire package, that’s pretty much a steal.


Author: Brian Rubin

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