Let’s Play Freespace 2 – Entry 3 – Getting Nasty in the Nebula…

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Boooooooooooom! Love It!

Boooooooooooom! Love It!

Hey folks, welcome back to Freespace 2! This time our battle group enters the creepy yet beautiful nebula on the other side of the ancient and alien jump gate we found in the last set of missions. I’ve never seen quite a nebula like this in any other game, and it’s used for tremendous effect here. The Shivans make the most use of the confusion, but some humans do as well! Join me as I complete the missions:

Act 1, Mission 5: Mystery of the Trinity
Act 1, Mission 6: The Great Hunt

Thanks for watching, and enjoy!


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Let’s Play Freespace 2 – Entry 2 – Oh Shi…….van!

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Freespace 2 Review

Fly Missiles Fly!!

Fly Missiles Fly!!

Welcome back to my look into Freespace 2, still the best space combat game money can buy (and if you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for?). In this video, I take on two more missions, culminating in the return of one of the quietest and creepiest enemies in all of space gaming, the dreaded Shivans. I also get to finally fly the Herc 2 fighter, yay! Please join me as I muscle through the following missions:

Act 1, Mission 3: The Romans Blunder
Act 1, Mission 4: A Lion at the Door

Thanks for watching, and enjoy! :)


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Let’s Play Freespace 2 – Entry 1 – Once More Unto the Breach…

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Freespace 2 Review

Bye Bye Gemini...

Bye Bye Gemini…

Welcome, my friends, to Freespace 2, my all-time favorite game and still, I feel, the best space fighter combat sim you can buy. Now, this year is the game’s fifteenth anniversary, and I thought it’d be fun to add to the coverage we plan this year by going through the campaign in a new series of let’s play videos. :) I therefore hope you’ll enjoy the first two missions of the campaign:

Act 1, Mission 1: Surrender, Belisarius!
Act 1, Mission 2: The Place of Chariots

Thanks for watching! :)


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Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 3/28/14: The Thank-Gawd-It’s-Friday Edition

News Satellite Dish

Bringing On The News!!

Two news posts within a week? HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE AT THAT SPEED?  I’m unsure my friends…maybe I’ve finally gone mad. But I’ll tell you this, I’m on the upswing in terms of energy and motivation from my low point earlier this week. I therefore wanted to pound out some more news and deals before they piled up too much. Here goes!

Finally, we have a couple of sales. First off, Retrobooster is having a sale wherein it’s 50% off until April 2nd. It’s a really cool game, so check it out!

Then, GOG is having an Interplay Irresistibles sale in which a lot of awesome Interplay games are on sale. This of course means you can get the amazing Freespace 2 for $4.99, as well as its predecessor Descent: Freespace for $2.99. Seriously, folks, if you don’t have Freespace 2, now is the time. They also have excellent sci-fi games such as M.A.X. and Subwar 2050 (which was made by Particle Systems of Independence War fame) among many other excellent games. I’d jump on these if I didn’t already own almost all of ‘em. ;) (P.S. Clicking on those links and buying through ‘em helps the site out, FYI. ;)

That’s it for today folks. Have a fantastic weekend!

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FYI: No Podcast Tonight and Upcoming Schedule (Updated)

OMG so tired...

I Feel Like This Puppy, Only Not as Cute…

Hey folks, just chiming in because I’m not feeling awesome, so we’re skipping the podcast because I’m too low energy to really make it fun for anyone. I think just the lack of/lousy sleep over the last few weeks is really catching up with me. :/ I’m just so…bleh…tired, unmotivated, it’s not usual for me and I don’t like it, so I wanna try to do whatever it takes to recover. With that said, we have some fun stuff coming up that I wanted to share with ya. I’m still trying to get guests for upcoming weeks, so this may change, but as it is right now, here’s what’s coming up:

  • April 1st – John Hemry, Author of the Lost Fleet book series (which has awesome space combat)
  • April 8th – Slower than Light with creator John Brewer (Here’s the Kickstarter)
  • April 15th – Space Salvager with creator Sam Albon (fun game!)
  • April 29th – A look at the Freespace Open Project with its project lead Fabian “The E” Woltermann and discussing Freespace 2′s 15th anniversary a little bit (which won’t be our only look at the game this year)
  • May 6th – A look at O.R.B. (which was requested by Jim, as it just came out on SteamA
  • May 13th – Off Topic: Marketing & SEO for Game Websites (Jim’s idea, to help devs out, because y’all got some stanky websites)

Remember, if you have a topic idea you’d like us to cover, please send it to hail@spacegamejunkie.com because we’re totally open to ideas. :) Thanks folks, and have an awesome day.


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SGJ Podcast #48: Drowning in Immersion



Hey folks, welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. I apologize for getting this up so late, as Jim sent it to me days ago, but I had the busiest weekend ever, so I didn’t really have time to put it up until now. I also don’t have time to do the detailed show notes this week either (I might have to pair those down in general since they take an awful long time sometimes). :( On a happier note, Jim and I talk about a lot of awesome stuff, like news, games we’re playing and immersion in video games, based on our own experiences plus those you — our awesome readers — shared with us. It made for a great discussion, and we hope you enjoy it. :)

As always, you can leave comments below, or contact us at hail@spacegamejunkie.com if you’d like to contact us directly. Also, while I’m thinking of it, we’re thinking of doing some kind of write-in show, so hey, write us with questions you have and we’ll answer ‘em on a future show. ;) Thanks for listening, as always folks! :)

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