Distant Worlds Series on Sale! YAY!

Hey kids, Matrix Games is having their holiday sale starting today until January 14th, and the entire Distant Worlds series is on sale. This means you can get this amazing game and all its expansions for the following prices: Distant Worlds for $19.99 Distant Worlds – Return of the Shakturi for $12.99 Distant Worlds – […]

SGJ Podcast #21: Down and Dirty with Distant Worlds

Helllooo friends, and welcome to another awesome (we like to think) episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I sit down with Matrix Games Director of Product Development and Business Relations, Erik Rutins and Code Force founder and Distant Worlds creator/lead developer, Elliott Gibbs to talk (or in my case, gush) […]

Distant Worlds – Shadows: Playing a Polite Pirate can be Problematic…

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series: Distant Worlds - Shadows Review

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Distant Worlds – Shadows ReviewWelcome to the first installment of my Distant Worlds – Shadows review! If you recall in my Distant Worlds – Legends review, I did something a little different, combining a character-based story with a review into something I hope was entertaining. […]

Spacey Gamey News and Dealsies – 12/21/12

Hey everyone, happy Friday! As this will very likely be the last thing I post before Christmas day, I wanted to wish all those who celebrate the holiday a joyous, fun, and present-filled holiday. :) Now let’s jump into some news and deals! First up the Emeny Starfighter site has been updated with two awesome […]

Spacey Gamey Deals All Over the Interwebs!

Happy Black Friday y’all! I hope y’all had a lovely Thanksgiving here in the US, and I hope y’all are jumping on all the sales today. In trying to help y’all out, I’m putting this post all the non-Steam sales on spacey games I can find. Here we go:

Distant Worlds Series on Sale until January 14th!!!!!

Hey y’all, good news! I just got a press release from the folks at Matrix Games talking about a biiiig holiday sale, and it includes the amazing Distant Worlds games! Here’s the breakdown: Distant Worlds for $25.99 Distant Worlds – Return of the Shakturi for $15.99 Distant Worlds – Legends for $15.99 That’s a little […]

HOLY CRAP! Distant Worlds Goes On Sale!!

Thanks to Scotten on Quarter to Three for this tip. According to this post on the Matrix Games forum, Distant Worlds and its expansions (The Return of the Shakturi and Legends are going on sale for two weeks to celebrate the release of a huge update for Legends. From the thread: To celebrate this huge update, […]

Distant Worlds: The Price Conundrum (Polls Included!)

On several forums I frequent, including Matrix Games’ own forum, there has been more and more discussion about Distant Worlds, namely its current pricing model. Basically, if you want the original Distant Worlds, as well as its two expansions, The Return of the Shakturi and Legends, you need to fork over around $90 ($39.99+$24.99+$24.99, respectfully) for what is considered the “complete […]