Site Stuff: Thanks For Your Patience

Doggy Hug!!
You Guys are Represented by This Dog, and I Wanna Give Y'all a Hug! ;)

Hey y’all, I just wanted to chime in and personally thank everyone for their patience this week. I didn’t release any major content while running that integrated forum experiment because I didn’t want to lose any valuable comments. Rest assured that I’ve got several great articles coming in the pipelines for next week, including the conclusion of my Distant Worlds – Legends review series, the continuation of my Weird Worlds review series and more, so thanks again for visiting, and please stay tuned. :)


  1. Im ready to riot, who’s with me!

    Na, glad your getting it settled. Always good to get a good foundation from the start then having to redo/patch it up later which can degenerate sometimes.

  2. Hey man, dumb question for you. Looks like the forums require a separate account and login than the main page here? Or am I totally missing something? Anyway, I’m kind of riding things out a bit until we settle on a final format.

        1. Nah, I likely should’ve been clearer on the subject. I am, however, debating leaving registration open here on the site itself so folks can have their own avatars and such.

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