Kinda Off-Topic: Good News and Better News :)

Woo Hoo Indeed. :)

So it’s been kinda quiet around here, and I’m sorry about that. The holiday kicked by butt, and I needed time to recover. I therefore wanted to give y’all an update as to what was going on. :)

I was recently having a lot of trouble taking screenshots of Arvoch Alliance for my next game diary. The fact that I didn’t really get any shots from my latest go-around was frustrating, and kind of put me off playing a game for a little bit. I tried getting more screenshots recently though, and couldn’t figure out why FRAPS was stopping taking screenshots right before I entered the cockpit.

Well, I figured out that the keys I was using were triggered by using the joystick somehow, so that whenever I’d enter a mission, FRAPS would stop taking screenshots somehow. I changed the trigger key for FRAPS, and FINALLY got a ton of screenshots from the first few campaign missions, which I’ll be going through today to pick out the best ones. I therefore should have my next diary looking at AA in the next day or two. That’s the good news. :)

The BETTER news is that I’ve gotten a slight upgrade. My PC is on the old side, so I honestly wasn’t gonna be able to look at Sword of the Stars II for a while. Thanks to Aaron, or “Two Sheds” over on Quarter to Three, I now have a new video card, the Diamond ATI AMD Radeon HD 5850. It might not be cutting edge, but it’s way, way better than the Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS I originally put in my computer six years ago. Now, games I couldn’t run before are running now, and according to Can You Run It?, I’m now totally capable of running SOTS2. That’s the better news, and I’m damned excited about it, as this has saved me a good chunk of change on my next upgrade, which should happen around the middle of next year. :)

So as of right now, my review schedule is as follows:

And then I’ll return to tackling my list in order, which means after all this, the next classic game covered will be 1978’s Super Star Trek (yes, I know Mobygames says 1982, but that’s for the DOS version).

So that’s my update for what’s been going on lately. I wanna thank you all for visiting and hope y’all will continue to come back, as I totally plan a lot more content besides reviews and such (you’ll just have to tune in to see what that is). :) Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day.

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