Distant Worlds Series on Sale until January 14th!!!!!

Ships in Distant Worlds - Legends
Get Distant Worlds on Sale Now!!!! Go Go Go!!!

Hey y’all, good news! I just got a press release from the folks at Matrix Games talking about a biiiig holiday sale, and it includes the amazing Distant Worlds games! Here’s the breakdown:

That’s a little less than $60. People, these games rarely get this cheap, and they’re worth every penny. I’ve recently declared the game with expansions my favorite 4X ever. It’s seriously that good people. If you can, jump on this and experience some of the finest space strategy gaming ever, I highly recommend you do so. This also lets you get the entire package in preparation for the new expansion, Shadows, which will come out early next year. Good luck, and enjoy! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “Distant Worlds Series on Sale until January 14th!!!!!

  1. Thanx for the info, but.. It comes with DRMs? Do I need a Steam account for playing?
    Matrix website says nothing about it…

    1. Welcome to the blog Senil! To answer your question, no DRM or Steam connectivity. You download the executionables from the Matrix site and enter the key they send you, that’s it. Easy peasy. :)

  2. That’s their definition of “Sale”? Bleh, while the game may be very good, I’m not opening my wallet until the whole bundle is $30 or less since I don’t have much time to play games anymore, so I want best value for my time, if you know what I mean.

      1. awesome games. I have not been addicted to a game in so long. Ive played like 150 hours in two weeks lol. I am so in love with it! Not since Eve have I played any other game. I quit eve. Also this single player, OMG I cannot believe how much fun this game is. I took a chance and bought it…..I still think the price is too much for the age of the game, the type of game etc…DW:L should have been a stand alone expansion for like 29.99 not requiring the original game. The fact that you need all 3 is a big turn off and expensive. And there is no demo to even see if you would like the game.

        I said all this on their forums hopefully they listen. Less price, + demo = huge jump in sales. If people could be allowed just 2-10 hours with this game they would be hooked. I was hooked within the first hour.

        1. Welcome to the blog Cruis.In, and you are preaching to the choir here. ;) I had a whole article with polls on this very issue, and most people agree that they want a demo, and the game is too expensive. I’d love the price to come down so more people could enjoy the same amazingness you’re enjoying. :)

  3. There is a boxed version of the game. Does it come with a printed manual or it’s only a DVD box?

    1. I honestly haven’t a clue, sadly. I’ve only read the manual via PDF, and it’s really a great read, honestly.

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