Edge of Space Q&A: Surviving in the Sandbox

A while back, another spacey looking game on Kickstarter appeared entitled Edge of Space. Now I’ll admit at first I honestly wasn’t sure if this was enough of a spacey game to satisfy my criteria for coverage on this site. I therefore decided to send the developer, Jacob Crane, a message to see if he’d like […]

Site Stuff: Advertising Image Launched

Hey y’all, just wanted to let y’all know that the background image is now clickable and going to the Gemini Wars website. It’s not fully aligned, but I’m working on it. I invite you to click the image to learn more about this upcoming game, and thank you for visiting, as always. :)

Amazing Amazon Deal – The Paradox Plentiful Package

Hey guys, right now on Amazon, you can get the amazing Paradox Plentiful Package, which includes the complete Sword of the Stars Collection, as well as Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter. In the non-spacey game list, it includes Victoria II, Crusader Kings II, and Magicka with all of its DLC, all for freaking […]

Off-Topic: Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh (Sick!)

Hey y’all, remember that post I put up a couple of days ago saying how awful I felt? Well guess what? It got WORSE! YAAAY! I’ve been at home for the past 1.5 days resting, and I’m still feeling somewhat crappy. When I feel crappy I lose motivation in dang near everything, including writing and […]

Conquest 2 Q&A with Eric Peterson: Refitting the Fleet for a Relaunch…

When I first heard that Conquest 2 – Vyrium Uprising had arisen like a phoenix from the ashes, and had appeared on Kickstarter, I was insanely excited. I immediately used the contact form on the Kickstarter page to make a press inquiry…and received a reply from Eric Freaking Peterson (Note: Freaking is not his middle name….I hope…). […]