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A Bug of a Thing – Daily Dispatch for 9/18/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Hey friends, happy Tuesday! Sorry I didn’t write one of these yesterday, but I seem to have gotten hit with some sort of weird bug. It’s a mix of food poisoning and flu symptoms, but like, the mildest version of both, so it’s not debilitating as much as it is just super annoying.… Read More »

Passion vs. Sleep – Daily Dispatch for 9/11/18

Opening/Random Thoughts I didn’t have to get up as early as I did today. I could’ve slept later and felt much more awake than I do now. Instead, I got up at an unholy hour to do a podcast about Between the Stars. Why do I do this to myself? Because I love it. I… Read More »

A Slow Day – Daily Dispatch for 9/5/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Not a lot going on since the last dispatch. Some news, some deals. We did do a podcast, which was a lot of fun, but that was mostly it. It’s hard to feel creative when you’ve used all your brain fuel on SEO keyword research (which is SO TEDIOUS AND BORING, but it’s… Read More »

Back to The Grind – Daily Dispatch for 9/4/18

Opening/Random Thoughts It’s Tuesday, and it’s September, so happy September everyone! We had a long weekend here in the U.S. and it was great, but exhausting. So much so that I didn’t have the energy to do a video of the week series. Sorry Empyrean Frontier, you’ll need to wait a week. I’m excited about… Read More »

Tunnel Vision – Daily Dispatch for 8/28/18

Opening/Random Thoughts I am so tired you guys. SO TIRED. Today I got up early to talk to the Landinar: Into the Void folks: And it went great, but I am SO TIRED. Thankfully I’m working from home today, which mitigates things a bit, but still. My tiredness can’t hold back the excitement that the… Read More »