TGIMFGDF – Daily Dispatch for 9/21/18

Love These Ships.

Opening/Random Thoughts

OMG welcome to Friday y’all! The work week is OVER! BRING ON THE WEEKEND! This was a weird week for me, being at home, sick for part of it and what not. It’s gonna be a busy weekend for me as well, so sadly not a TON of gaming on my horizon, but it’ll be a good one nonetheless. What are y’all playing this weekend?

Today’s Video(s)

Last night, me, Spaz and my forum-buddy Krazykrok got together for some multiplayer Overload, by request. Sadly I didn’t realize just how barebones their multiplayer is. Two modes, eight maps, that’s really it. Regardless, we had a lot of fun despite this — and Krazy’s poor lag — and had a great time overall. While Overload’s strength is currently its AMAZING single player campaign, this multiplayer has a LOT of potential.

Today in Star Trek: Legacy, I kiss the campaign goodbye and try some skirmish play. This allowed me to play with both the Defiant and the refit Enterprise, my two favorite ships in all of Trek! It was even fun for a little bit, but got ridiculous when DS9 began to get attacked by Borg rectangles and rhombuses and crap. I was yanked out of the moment and reminded just how unimaginative this game is. I might keep playing it to get to the DS9 stuff in the campaign, but I’m not super excited about it. I’m just glad I can say I tried this one and can now move on.

Today’s News

  • Final Theory dropped on Steam today. It’ll be a bit before I get to it though, as a couple games came out before it.
  • Stellar Tactics got a massive update which basically adds an entire universe to explore in what they’re calling the Universe Update. I need to revisit it and try to get past the first boss battle.
  • Hellion has a new devblog out talking story mechanics.
  • Solar Explorer: New Dawn has a post regarding the creation of its main theme, and got a teensy patch updating the tutorials.
  • Hyperspace Delivery Service has a post up about its intentions for early access.
  • Heat Signature has another post up detailing another new feature of its birthday update, new hazards.
  • FSX SpacePort now apparently supports multiple monitors, which looks really cool.
  • Starsector has a new bad-ass looking destroyer called the Shrike to its ship roster.
  • Objects in Space got a sizeable patch which adds filters and fixes several bugs.
  • Astrela Starlight got an update to its HUD and engines, apparently.
  • Planetes has a new patch that allows you to set your own controls.
  • Hunternet is having a contest where you can win actual cashy money if you beat the developer at his own game.
  • Not directly space-game related, but the Internet Archive just added over 1,100 arcade games to its archive. Thanks FermionAce for the tip!

Today’s Deals

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Didn’t play anything yesterday besides Overload. Besides Star Control: Origins (and some other games I hope to cover in short videos), I hope to get some more time with Far Cry: Primal.

That’s it for me y’all. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Author: Brian Rubin

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