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On Sale This Weekend! 0

GOG Interplay Sale This Weekend!

Hey party people, how are ya? I just wanted to chime in an let y’all know that GOG is having an Interplay Immortals sale this weekend, and you know what that means, right? FREESPACE...

Flying Towards a Steam Release! 2

Freespace 2 Coming to Steam on June 6th!!!

Thanks to friend-of-the-podcast Fabian (who you might remember from our Freespace 2 Source Code Project episode) for letting me know via Twitter that Freespace 2 is coming to Steam on June 6th!! YAY! It...

Classic Space Combat Action 4

Descent: FreeSpace Launching on Steam Today

For those folks who only want to buy their games on Steam (Jim, I’m looking at you), you will shortly have the option to buy the first Freespace game, Descent: Freespace – The Great...