SGJ Podcast #76: Fondly Remembering Freespace 2 on its Fifteenth Birthday

Still Awesome After All These Years...
Still Awesome After All These Years…

Hello friends, and welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! The date we recorded this podcast was 9/30/14, which is 15 years to the day on which the finest space combat game ever, Freespace 2, was released. Therefore, Jim and I talk to a couple of folks who are not only fans, but also experts on the game itself. Our guests include longtime journalist for PC Gamer and Gamespot (he wrote the review for the game there a while back) Stefan “Desslock” Janicki along with Hard Light Productions (THE place to go for your Freespace modding needs) administrator and creator of the fantastic Freespace Open Installer (among other things), Ian “Goober5000” Warfield. In our roundtable discussion (and this was the first time I tried to do something of a topic-based roundtable, so I was a bit nervous I admit), we talk about the game’s development, its marketing, its release, the Source Code Project and much more.

A few things were mentioned in the podcast such as playing the first game on an Amiga, a 3D printed Sathanas or an interview with the game’s writer, so check those out as well. :) Thanks to our guests for joining us and making a fantastic podcast, and thank you for listening! As always, if you have a guest or topic you would like us to copy, please don’t hesitate to hit us up at Thanks again for listening, and enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #76: Fondly Remembering Freespace 2 on its Fifteenth Birthday

  1. Thankfully, when you listen during a commute, the finer spoilers can stay a little foggy. Don’t fly directly into the lasers, and don’t mess with the Shivans is what I got.

  2. This whole time you’ve been raving about Freespace I thought you were talking about FREELANCER!

    Having played Freelancer I thought “Wow, I must have really really missed the boat on that one.” It’s like finding out you’re the one guy that doesn’t like Casablanca.

    1. Bahahaha, no no no. While I do enjoy Freelancer quite a bit, it’s no Freespace 2. Hahahahahahahah, awesome.

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