Evochron Legacy Released!


OMGOMGOMG! Guys, GUYS! The latest game in the long-running Evochron series is out TODAY! Evochron Legacy has a new graphics engine, new mission types, new starting roles and so much more! You can get it on Steam or the official site, and if you own Evochron Mercenary you get a discount! I’ll be streaming it later today and also doing a Let’s Play series for next week! :) Yay! You can check out the Stream below, or head to my YouTube Gaming page to join the chat! Keep an eye out on social media for when I’m gonna get started. Likely around 1 PM Pacific time! Yay!

Edit: Added archived video of the stream below. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Evochron Legacy Released!

    1. Try again, more options should be available now. It seems as if YT was still processing it, but allowing it to be viewed, hence the low res. I just looked and 720p is an option!

  1. I love all things space by why do they have to be so complicated? I feel like I’m fighting the controls more than playing the game. Still I’m weak and it’s in my Steam library. On to the tutorial.

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