Starlight Inception Beta Impressions

Die Die Die!
Die Die Die!

A few days ago, the folks behind Starlight Inception released the first beta to us Kickstarter backers. It has one mission, and is a good time, so I thought I’d take a video to show y’all how it looks. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Starlight Inception Beta Impressions

  1. to be honest, I really hope that alpha mission there isn’t suggestive of the real content… throwing 1 or 2 piddly ships at you that even if you get hit, can’t seem to hurt you more than 25%?

    Also there seemed to be no goal or objective other than “kill things that show up as red.”
    Otherwise, shiny looking :p

    1. I’d like to think that the lack of damage was more a testament to my skill rather than a problem with the game. ;)

      1. Entirely possible. You did pass through the crucible of A-wing dogfighting, after all ;)

        But yeah, played the beta and it was rather easy. It also seems to be a very by-the-book Wing Commander clone. Then again, nothing wrong with that.

  2. Ah… While I don’t know anything about this game but this video… That actually looked… pretty boring. The graphics are shoddy (designed for a vita, so…), animations look a bit janky, and the gameplay seems to be pretty shallow. I absolutely love space sims, but I won’t grab anything by inclusion in that genre alone. This one just buckles in comparison to games like enemy starfighter.

    1. Well, it’s still an early beta, and only one mission based on that beta as well. I’d say keep cautious but also be open minded. :)

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