1. to be honest, I really hope that alpha mission there isn’t suggestive of the real content… throwing 1 or 2 piddly ships at you that even if you get hit, can’t seem to hurt you more than 25%?

    Also there seemed to be no goal or objective other than “kill things that show up as red.”
    Otherwise, shiny looking :p

      1. Entirely possible. You did pass through the crucible of A-wing dogfighting, after all ;)

        But yeah, played the beta and it was rather easy. It also seems to be a very by-the-book Wing Commander clone. Then again, nothing wrong with that.

  2. Ah… While I don’t know anything about this game but this video… That actually looked… pretty boring. The graphics are shoddy (designed for a vita, so…), animations look a bit janky, and the gameplay seems to be pretty shallow. I absolutely love space sims, but I won’t grab anything by inclusion in that genre alone. This one just buckles in comparison to games like enemy starfighter.

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