SGJ Podcast #48: Drowning in Immersion



Hey folks, welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. I apologize for getting this up so late, as Jim sent it to me days ago, but I had the busiest weekend ever, so I didn’t really have time to put it up until now. I also don’t have time to do the detailed show notes this week either (I might have to pair those down in general since they take an awful long time sometimes). :( On a happier note, Jim and I talk about a lot of awesome stuff, like news, games we’re playing and immersion in video games, based on our own experiences plus those you — our awesome readers — shared with us. It made for a great discussion, and we hope you enjoy it. :)

As always, you can leave comments below, or contact us at if you’d like to contact us directly. Also, while I’m thinking of it, we’re thinking of doing some kind of write-in show, so hey, write us with questions you have and we’ll answer ‘em on a future show. ;) Thanks for listening, as always folks! :)

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Flagship Q&A: Real Time Strategic First Person Starship Combat Thingy

Pretty....I Want One, Please...

Pretty….I Want One, Please…

One of the things I love about having this blog is that finding new games can happen in completely unexpected ways. Take Flagship, for example. The only reason I found out about is because I noticed the URL of one of the devs’ emails when they commented on another post, and followed it to the game’s website. Once I saw the game’s screenshots and videos, I had to learn more, so I reached out to the devs for more info. What follows is a detailed Q&A with developers Brad Jeffrey and Matt J, and I hope you find it as enlightening as I did. :) Enjoy!

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SGJ Podcast #37: Random Rambling Potpourri Pirates of Plenty

A Little Bit of EVERYTHING...

A Little Bit of EVERYTHING…

Hey folks, welcome to the latest installment of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. Sorry for the delay in getting this to y’all, but real life sometimes creeps in and makes its presence known above all else. ;) That said, every now and then Jim and I feel it’s good to just sit back, shoot the crap and catch up with the news, what we’ve been playing and so on, so that’s what this latest show is about, and let me tell y’all, we are allllll over the place, in a good way. ;)

As always, we look forward to your comments and thank you for listening! Enjoy the show!

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Steam Holday Sale Has Launched!

Steam Logo


The Steam Holiday Sale is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, and here are all the spacey games I’ve been able to find (which is similar to the Thanksgiving sale in a lot of ways):

No go buy stuff! ;)


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Spacey Gamey NewsiDealsNess – 12/19/12

News Satellite Dish

Not Much News on the Wire Today…

Hey y’all, happy Wednesday! I’m still on the mend, but feeling better, in case y’all were wondering, which is great because it’s less than a week now before Christmas, yay! I hope y’all thought long and hard about what y’all are gonna get me, I have HUGE expectations! ;) Seriously, folks, every visit and comment is a gift to me, so again, thank you. :) Now, not a lot of news today, unsurprisingly, so let’s get to it! Remember, any video that I can embed will be so after the cut below. :)

  • According to a press release I was sent, the third expansion for Endless Space, entitled “Lights of Polaris“, has now been released. This adds a “no pirates” option (WOOHOO!), Steam achievements and so on. You can see some shots of the new expansion on Iceberg Interactive’s Facebook.
  • There’s a new update on the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter that features a call to arms as well as a new teaser video. I’m sure the fourteen folks laid off last week from Frontier Developments are thrilled to watch it. Maybe. (Sorry, something about that bugs me, enough to say so publicly.)
  • There’s also a new trailer for Galactose: Pastries in Space which looks like a ton of fun. I seriously need to sit down and play my copy. Speaking of which, they’re still looking for playtesters. ;)
  • Finally in news (seriously, that’s it, I’m not even kidding), the folks over at Rock, Paper Shotgun have an interview with Squad, the developers of Kerbal Space Program, which is a fun read.

We’re not done yet though. GOG is having an End of the World sale and it’s a BIGGIE. Seriously, tons of awesome games are even more discounted than they were just a day ago during their regular holiday sale. For spacey gamers, this includes the following:

That’s it for today folks. Have a lovely day ahead, and thanks for visiting!

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GOG 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale is ON!

GOG Holiday Sale


Hey y’all, GOG’s 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale has begun, and they have 50% off nearly every dang thing, plus they’ll be having daily deals with 75% off a particular game each day as well! For spacey gamers, this means the following:

There are a ton of classics on there, so if you don’t already own ‘em, snag ‘em now! Happy shopping! :)


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Steam Autumn Sale is OOOOOON! – Updated

Steam Logo

You Magnificent Bastard!

Edit 2:Updated as of Black Friday morning with more deals.

Edit 1: This looks like a handily dandily tool to keep track of this stuff. Hope y’all find it helpful. :)

And we’re off! Once again, Steam is giving us the opportunity to throw money at them with another huge sale, the Steam Autumn Sale! So big, it deserves its own post! ;) Now, I don’t know all of the deals as I don’t have the time or energy to go through EEEEEVERYTHANG, but here’s the spacey game deals I did find (and please feel free to mention others in the comments.

First off, there’s an indie games sale which includes the following spacey game deals:

  • FTL for $9.99 or with its soundtrack for $13.98. This one could be glitchy since the sale just began.
  • Gemini Wars for $11.99
  • Gratuitous Space Battles Complete Pack for $9.49 (or 75% off the individual game and 50% off each piece of DLC). This one is a STEAL.
  • Galaxy on Fire II HD for $9.99, which is fantastic.
  • Endless Space for $14.99 for the Admiral Edition, $17.49 for the Emperor Special Edition, and $1.70 to upgrade the Admiral to the Emperor Edition.

As for individual games, the ones I know of so far are:

So go have at it! Have fun, spend responsibly, and enjoy! Good luck, and good hunting my friends.


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Spacey Game News – 10/15/12

Newspaper Machines

Lots of News for Today’s Update!

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a great week ahead. To help things start off on a positive note, here’s today’s latest spacey game news!

  • In Kickstarter news, the ScrumbleShip Kickstarter has about 50 hours left as I write this, yet has made their funding goals. Yay! In less positive news however, the Blackspace kickstarter has three days left, yet isn’t even at 50% of their goals, so I implore you to check it out and, if you like what you see, kick ‘em something to help ‘em out. Remember, if you know of a spacey gamey Kickstarter I’ve not covered yet (has to be PC or Mac, FYI), please let me know.
  • The Blackspace folks also have a new post on their Kickstarter page explaining where the money they’ll get is going to.
  • According to Rock, Paper Shotgun, Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has already brought in $730,000 in crowdfunding. I plan on adding to that total soon my own self. ;) There’s also a great FAQ thread on their forums with a lot of info, and a great article on Gamasutra entitled, “Why Wing Commander‘s Chris Roberts turned to crowdfunding“.
  • In Nexus 2 news, their Kickstarter page has been updated with a note on ships and ship management. Secondly, and thanks to VidMaster for this tip, a fellow on YouTube named “The One Source of Truth” has a video entitled “Introduction to Nexus – Why we need Nexus 2 (Part 1)” which is pretty cool, and I’ll embed after the cut.
  • Also on YouTube is a new video from the M.O.R.E. folks showing their space battles module, which I’ll also embed after the cut. There’s also an update about it on their Kickstarter page if you’d like to learn more.
  • Over on the Ring Runner Kickstarter page, they have word of a new demo, which I am itching to try.
  • According to the EVE Online news page, Inferno 1.3 will be deployed tomorrow. The patch notes for the update are here.
  • The Rubicon website has screenshots of the release version (which is free, by the by) for your viewing pleasure.
  • The “Apply MkIII Sanding Machine” beta 5.093 patch has been released for AI War.
  • Eurogamer has an article detailing more about Minecraft creator Notch’s upcoming space hame 0x10c, which includes a video I’ll embed below. In speaking of landing on planets, Notch said, “The goal is to have it feel a bit like Firefly,” which TOTALLY has sold me. ;) Take my love, take my land…
  • On the Matrix Games forums discussing the as-yet-fully-announced expansion for Distant Worlds, Matrix’s Erik Rutins confirmed the inclusion of gravitic weapons, or “Tractor/Repulsor beams and singularity creation (though perhaps not in the way that you might expect).” What I EXPECT is to be able to create black holes, SIR. ;)
  • Over on Steam, updates for both Sword of the Stars II and Really Big Sky have been released.
That’s it for now! If more comes up I’ll update this post as I get it. Thanks guys, and have an awesome day!

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Nexus: The Jupiter Incident on Sale at GOG!

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Screenshot

Still Crazy Beautiful After All These Years.

Thanks to Giaddon over on Quarter to Three for this tip. AWESOME starship tactical sim Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is on sale today at GOG for only $3.99. That is a freaking STEAL for a game this beautiful, awesome, challenging and detailed. I suggest y’all pick it up ASAP and enjoy the hell it’ll throw at you, for it is marvelous. :) Have fun!

Edit:GOG also has a fun article talking about some mods for the game, including one that models Freespace 2! Can’t wait to try ‘em!


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Nexus 2 Concept Screenshot

This Could Still Grace our Screens!

So y’all might recall some time ago that the folks at Most Wanted Entertainment put up a campaign for a sequel to their excellent Nexus: The Jupiter Incident on a Kickstarter-like site called Games Plant. Sadly, nothing ever came of it. Recently — thanks to a request from reader “frptunz” — I followed up with my contact over at Most Wanted to see what happened. Apparently,

Yes, unfortunately Games Plant was a failure and it buried Nexus 2 as well.

HOWEVER, in the next sentence:

BUT… :) we are currently preparing a new campaign on Kickstarter, which should start in a few weeks’ time.

SO HOLY CRAP, Nexus 2 might still happen! Woohoo! To learn more about Nexus 2, please check out my Q&A with the developers, and stay tuned as I’ll bring you more on this as I get it! Thanks for reading!


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