Nexus 2 Still Needs Help

Nexus 2 Sequel - Engage at Warp Speed!
Nexus 2 will 'Splode if It Doesn't Get Funded.

Since I finally got a job, I went ahead and donated to help fund Nexus 2, the sequel to the awesome Nexus: The Jupiter Project. I noticed that the project has less than a month left to meet its goals, and only has 26% of the funding it needs, so if you can lend some support, please do so. Thanks! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Nexus 2 Still Needs Help

  1. Nexus one was a great space combat engine, but the actual game part had so many issues and was poorly designed.

  2. Nexus was a great …. great game !

    Still, I do not understand why they set such a high goal for their fund raising, I mean c'mon, 400.000 $ ?! I'd say that the 100.000 they have now should be enough to get the project going and later on when they release some new teaser media I'm sure they'll get more funds or even an official sponsor.

    1. Sigh, I've no idea how much a game costs to make, so maybe it's reasonable.

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