Is It the Weekend Yet? – Daily Dispatch for 8/30/18

Just Die Already!

Opening/Random Thoughts

It’s almost Labor Day Weekend here in the U.S., and that means the unofficial end of Summer. Sure, Summer doesn’t ACTUALLY end until September 22nd, but it’s something of a weird tradition we have here. The upshot is we get a long weekend, and I am so, so, soooooo looking forward to it. I should have some time to game, but what I really want is time to sleep. I still have an odd relationship with sleep. When the time comes to actually DO it, I’m resistant because hey I wanna stay awake. Awake is fun it’s where the video games are. Then, when I don’t get enough, I super duper regret not listening to the smart part of my brain and going to bed earlier. When I DO get enough of it, I’m super grateful. This week, I so didn’t get enough, so I am still just…winded.

HOPEFULLY, I can fix that a bit this coming weekend. Alright, now let’s get to the crud you actually care about, ‘eh? ;)

Today’s Video(s)

In today’s episode of Starglider 2, I actually tried to care. I was given a list of things to get, and by gum, I was gonna get ’em. Some of the things I’d need were in the hulls of space pirate ships, so I had to go and kill some of them. You never seem to upgrade your ship, so you’re apparently always capable of taking them out. And take them out I did, a lot of them, but I NEVER got any of their cargo. It was super frustrating. I also tried to find a tree to tractor beam into my ship, but it didn’t seem to work. This game is freaking weird.

AstroViking is just a simple twin-stick shooter with a basic progression mechanic. It doesn’t ask a lot, but it also doesn’t cost a lot, and sometimes, you just want the simple pleasure of shooting and punching alien spaceships.

Today’s News

Today’s Deals

What I’ve Been Playing

  • BloodLust 2: Nemesis – Yes, more of this. It’s really quite good, though when I got to sublevel three of the dungeon I was in, I experienced my first death. Thankfully, at least on easy — which I wasn’t aware I was playing at — dying only moves you somewhere else in the dungeon. It’s when the wraith gets you and kicks your ass that you’re moved somewhere really nasty. Overall I’m having a blast with this one.
  • Starcom: Nexus – Do you like Starflight?! Did you love the fun space bits of The Long Journey Home but not the awful rover bits? Well then I have a game for you. I got a key for this yesterday, and lost an hour to it before I even realized it. It has ship-building, exploration, research and alien communication. It’s SO Starflighty, but the best bit is when you send a rover down, you’re just given a series of choices on how the rover crew proceeds, you don’t have to, like, crash the rover all over the place. It’s great! I should be doing a video of this one soon, as soon as I’m sure I’m allowed. ;)

That’ll do it for today y’all! Have a great one.

Author: Brian Rubin

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