Nexus 2 Q&A with Most Wanted Entertainment

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8 Responses

  1. Adam Solo says:

    Nice read. Regarding funding I'm starting to worry. They raised "only" 10% of what they asked for till now ( They have 3.5 more months to go … I didn't saw yet carved in stone that they will not do anything if they do not reach their crowdsourcing but I suspect it's the case.

  2. Adam Solo says:

    Did a Nexus 2 announcement post at Space Sector:

    Other than that maybe we could put a special note on our blogs' front pages stating current game projects that need donations.

  3. onigi says:

    Good article. I enjoyed!

    I hope this project will successful… I really like Nexus 1.

  4. Adam Solo says:

    I've put a link in my blog front page to their funding page. Hope this will help them a bit.

  5. Nick says:

    […The original Nexus engine was a masterpiece but it’s more than 8 years old now, so a next-gen technology is definitely at least on a par with it…]

    You didn’t ask if they’re willing to give the engine to the public domain. Open Source it. Freespace 2 is the best example on what a we the people can do if we given the change!

  6. Please make a new blog post about Nexus 2 on Kickstarter!

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