Hailing Frequencies Open – 6/13/17 – Home Sweet Home

Gotta Get Those Sweet Minerals.

Welcome to Podcast Day (Tuesday) my friends! Today I woke up feeling absolutely wretched, so I took a sick day. This happens to me every now and again after enough nights of broken sleep (I never sleep through the night entirely anymore, haven’t for years), so eventually I wake up feeling just horribly exhausted and unwilling to drive. Today was one of those days, so I stayed home and slept a few extra hours, and now feel totally normal. Whew! I did also spend a little time gaming! Seeing as it’s the largest game on my hard drive, spacewise, I decided to dive into some of 2016’s DOOM. I lowered the difficulty level so I could get past that part I was stuck at (damned shielded demons, I’m terrible at getting at their rear/flank) and am having a really great time. This campaign is just awesome (almost as awesome as Titanfall 2’s, which is on sale right now by the by), so I’m glad I’m making progress. Now I just installed some Disputed Space and am gonna give that a whirl before the show tonight.

Speaking of, tonight we’re talking Deep Sixed, a space exploration, combat, resource gathering and spaceship management/repair game. The demo mission seems to last about 15 minutes if you follow all the objectives and don’t jump around to any extra sectors, but that was a nice taste of what’s to come. That said, I don’t wanna do an actual preview of the game until they implement keyboard shortcuts, because I NEEEEEEEED those, and otherwise have terrible anxiety otherwise. Seriously, game gives me anxiety. That’s not a bad thing, actually…means I care about what’s going on. I just need key commands is all. You can see the footage I recorded on the stream tonight.

Speaking of footage, let’s talk videos! First up, in today’s entry of The Long Journey Home, my jump fuel situation gets reallllllly precarious, to the point where I’m not sure if I’m gonna have to scour the sun for some fuel (a dangerous proposition). I also fired on and destroyed a Mizzurani ship, since Spaz told me to do so, as they’re apparently NOT my friends. Overall I’m having a fun time with this one.

In today’s entry of Navalia, I realize how outnumbered I am, so I spend time not going straight at resource systems (which will actually bite me a bit later), but rather scouring roaming alien queen hordes in order to gain more resources and experience. While you can use drones to deal with queens, you don’t get any rewards as a result, so it’s best, if you can, to take them on directly. Drones are great, though, for letting you deal with multiple incoming threats at once, however. I really like this game.

Finally, in Star Fleet Armada, after a fairly disastrous first entry, I spend the bulk of this one trying to gather enough resources to replenish my fleet, and get most of the way there. I begin the entry with two ships, and end it with four out of the five slots I have available. It’s a really fun ride, and I have to say I’m loving the journey. It’s a great game that deserves all the people playing it. ALL THE PEOPLE.

I’m not sure if I’ll get in any gaming tonight after the show. It’s unlikely, but that’s okay, it’s been a pretty solid day regardless. Moving on, let’s talk news!

  • Elite Dangerous formally announced 2.4, The Return, today at E3. More details are coming, but the Thargoids are back. Will that get me to play again? Maybe.
  • Endless Space 2 released a new patch with dozens upon dozens of fixes. Good on them!
  • Avorion is looking for translators to help bring the game to more languages.
  • Interstellar Rift got a fairly large patch that fixes a whole mess of bugs.
  • Galactic Princess has an interview with its developers as to how the game is coming along.
  • Stars in Shadow has a small update that fixes a few things.
  • Finally, thanks to Steam user Howdoyoupurr for pointing out an amazing Star Wolves 3 mod that removes the silly forced missions and turns it into a sandbox. Can’t wait to try it.

Finally, we have a few sales today!

  • The Humble Store is having a Team 17 sale that includes Interplanetary, among other games.
  • IndieGala is having a THQ Nordic Games sale that includes both Imperium Galactica games and Nexus as well.
  • Finally, Stars in Shadow is 40% off on Steam right now.

That’s it my friends! See y’all on the show tonight! Have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Hailing Frequencies Open – 6/13/17 – Home Sweet Home

  1. lol, you mentioned me howdoyoupurr and i never realized it. i tried to get that mod to work but never got it running.

    1. Wow, nice find on a five-year-old post. Shame the mod never got running.

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