The Best and Worst Space Game Manuals…That I Know of ;)

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  1. Tony M says:

    I hope they bring Emperor of the Fading Suns to Good Old Games. It seems to have a cult following but I missed it at the time. I read the pen-and-paper RPG rulebook back in the days when I was still in denial about my retirement from pen-and-paper roleplaying. Seemed like a game with great atmosphere.

    I agree the SMAC manual is a beauty.

    So was it possible to handle these beautiful old manuals and resist the temptation to install and start playing? I know I can't open my SMAC manual unless I know I have free time coming.


    • Brian Rubin says:

      It's a great game once you've patched it. The base game had some serious issues, but once its patched and you actually learn how to play it, it's damned great. And I LOVED the FS RPG, ran a GREAT campaign with it years ago.

  2. doctorfrog says:

    You wouldn't happen to have PDFs of the Rules of Engagement manuals, would you?

  3. deccan says:

    I was just thinking about the most detailed starship sims I've played, remembered Rules of Engagement and here I am. Thanks for those links. I'd really enjoy reading over the RoE manual again.

  4. Jason Laurence says:

    You don't happen to have the manual for Imperium Galactica II: Alliances scanned do you? It just came out for ipad and a lot of people are looking for it. Can you point me in the right direction to find the pdf of it?


    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hi Jason, ans welcome to the site. Sadly, I don't have it scanned, and I've not as yet found a PDF of it online. If there's enough interest I can likely scan my own copy, if that'll help. :)

  5. hume says:

    I think the manual was one of the reasons I never got into Universal Combat. I mean, if you knew what you were getting into with Derek Smart’s stuff, you bought the game at least partly because it promised to be so insanely complicated; so in-depth.

    I vaguely remember alt-tabbing between the game and the PDF until it crashed. That’s almost all I remember. Such a waste.

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