SGJ Podcast #85 – (Some of) The Brilliant Minds Behind Freespace 2!!!OMG!!!

Still the Best of the Best.

Welcome to this special impromptu edition of the Space Game Junkie Podcast!! In this special episode, Jim and I sit down with some folks who worked directly on the best game of all time (yeah, I said it), Freespace 2! Joining us are Adam Pletcher  (Lead Game Designer on Freespace 2, currently Studio Architect for Technical […]

Spacey Gamey News 10/22/14: Too Tired for a Clever Title

Helloooooo my friends! How are y’all? On my end, I’ve been tiiiiiiiiiiired, so sadly I’ll have fewer videos this week than I might otherwise. I’m therefore going to try and catch y’all up on some news if y’all don’t mind, and there’s been some good stuff happening. Let’s take a look see, shall we? Rebel […]

SGJ Podcast #76: Fondly Remembering Freespace 2 on its Fifteenth Birthday

Still Awesome After All These Years...

Hello friends, and welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! The date we recorded this podcast was 9/30/14, which is 15 years to the day on which the finest space combat game ever, Freespace 2, was released. Therefore, Jim and I talk to a couple of folks who are not only fans, […]

GOG Interplay Sale This Weekend!

On Sale This Weekend!

Hey party people, how are ya? I just wanted to chime in an let y’all know that GOG is having an Interplay Immortals sale this weekend, and you know what that means, right? FREESPACE 2 is only $4.99!!! If you haven’t gotten it yet, GET IT NOW. Dammit. Besides that amazing game, you can also […]

Freespace 2 Coming to Steam on June 6th!!!

Flying Towards a Steam Release!

Thanks to friend-of-the-podcast Fabian (who you might remember from our Freespace 2 Source Code Project episode) for letting me know via Twitter that Freespace 2 is coming to Steam on June 6th!! YAY! It doesn’t have a price yet, but if it’s similar to Descent: Freespace it’ll be between $6 and $10 (correct me if […]

Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 3/28/14: The Thank-Gawd-It’s-Friday Edition

Two news posts within a week? HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE AT THAT SPEED?  I’m unsure my friends…maybe I’ve finally gone mad. But I’ll tell you this, I’m on the upswing in terms of energy and motivation from my low point earlier this week. I therefore wanted to pound out some more news and deals before […]

SGJ Podcast #35: Stealing the Sky in SkyJacker

Hello folks, and welcome to this latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. This week, Jim and I sit down and talk with Alex Landa, Producer for the currently Kickstarting game SkyJacker. We learn a lot about the game in our time with Alex, and we hope you will too, enough to go and […]