Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 3/28/14: The Thank-Gawd-It’s-Friday Edition

News Satellite Dish

Bringing On The News!!

Two news posts within a week? HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE AT THAT SPEED?  I’m unsure my friends…maybe I’ve finally gone mad. But I’ll tell you this, I’m on the upswing in terms of energy and motivation from my low point earlier this week. I therefore wanted to pound out some more news and deals before they piled up too much. Here goes!

Finally, we have a couple of sales. First off, Retrobooster is having a sale wherein it’s 50% off until April 2nd. It’s a really cool game, so check it out!

Then, GOG is having an Interplay Irresistibles sale in which a lot of awesome Interplay games are on sale. This of course means you can get the amazing Freespace 2 for $4.99, as well as its predecessor Descent: Freespace for $2.99. Seriously, folks, if you don’t have Freespace 2, now is the time. They also have excellent sci-fi games such as M.A.X. and Subwar 2050 (which was made by Particle Systems of Independence War fame) among many other excellent games. I’d jump on these if I didn’t already own almost all of ‘em. ;) (P.S. Clicking on those links and buying through ‘em helps the site out, FYI. ;)

That’s it for today folks. Have a fantastic weekend!

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SGJ Podcast #35: Stealing the Sky in SkyJacker

So Pretty! So Explodey!

So Pretty! So Explodey!

Hello folks, and welcome to this latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. This week, Jim and I sit down and talk with Alex Landa, Producer for the currently Kickstarting game SkyJacker. We learn a lot about the game in our time with Alex, and we hope you will too, enough to go and kick to the darned thing. ;)

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast, look forward to your comments below and invite you to subscribe through iTunes or RSS. Thanks for listening! :)

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Spacey Gamey Newsies & Dealsies 4/11-17/13: The Freaking Finally Edition

Stack of Newspapers


Helllllloooooo my wonderful awesome friends! I’m back! I think! *checks* Yes, I’m back! Sorry for the lack of news posts, got surprisingly busy all over the place and just didn’t have the time. I do now though, yay! There’s a lot to go over, so let’s dive in, it’s all warm and stuff! ;)

We’re not done yet folks! We have DEALS too!! Let’s do this!

FINALLY, the folks at Arcen games (who made the aforementioned AI War) have announced a new game called Skyward Collapse, which looks awesome.

That’s it! Have a great day folks!

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Spacey Game News and Deals – 1/7-8/13

Folded Newspapers

Packed to the Gills with News!

Haaaaaaaaaay youuuuu guuuuyyysss! How are ya? I hope y’all are doing awesomely! Me, I’m still under the weather a bit, but feeling better today, so I’ve got a frakton of news to get off my chest, finally. Let’s dive in!

Next up, in related gaming news, THQ’s assets are going up for auction on 1/22/13, according to VG247. This includes Volition, creator of the Freespace games. Best of luck to all of them. Then, Kickstarter sent out a little The Best of 2012 slideshow, and what’s interesting here is that while no space games are mentioned specifically, there was $83,144,565 backed for games projects from 1,378,143 backers, which is more than any other category by a wide margin, so yay for games!

In non-gaming news, we have great ship designs from Michael Tassie and Darren Bartley over on the Concept Ships blog.

Finally, there’s unsurprisingly — after all the holiday sales — only one deal today, that being Star Wolves 3: Civil War for $14.99 on Green Man Gaming Today.

WHEW! I need a nap now. ;) Have an awesome day folks!

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Why Does the Idea of Playing in Space Fascinate us So?


I Wanna Fly Around in This!

At the very beginning of the amazing Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book, it includes a short set of instructions on how to leave Earth. When I read that, a part of my brain wanted to follow every detail so I could leave this small, confining planet as quickly as possible.

See, I’ve wanted to leave Earth ever since I was four years old and saw the Enterprise for the first time (the “Star Trek” one, of course). It just feels so…SMALL to me. So confining. This is why, ever since then, I’ve dived into any piece of science fiction I could get my grubby paws on. It gave me a window into new worlds that I could only visit in my imagination, and one of the best windows has been video games that take place in space. While I was playing around with some space game or another the other day, I began to wonder what it was about space that was so fascinating, and why I was so very drawn to any game that took place in its vast expanses.

This is What I Came up With…


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GOG 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale is ON!

GOG Holiday Sale


Hey y’all, GOG’s 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale has begun, and they have 50% off nearly every dang thing, plus they’ll be having daily deals with 75% off a particular game each day as well! For spacey gamers, this means the following:

There are a ton of classics on there, so if you don’t already own ‘em, snag ‘em now! Happy shopping! :)


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Spacey Games and Deals – 11/9/12

News and Coffee

I Love Both of These Things! :)

Hey y’all, happy gorram Friday!!! Let’s get this weekend STAAAAARTEEEEED with some spacey game news and dealsies!!!! LET’S DO THIS:

  • The Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous has finally added some visuals in the form of concept art and a video with David Braben which shows some scant footage of the game behind him. Now, while I try to stay positive on this blog as much as possible, the folks at Rock, Paper Shotgun have no such reservations, and pretty much mirror how I feel about the whole thing. :/
  • Speaking of which, the developer of the open spacey game which happens to be called Dangerous has some words about the naming of the new Elite game, his concern over the naming of the new game and the confusion it might cause with his.
  • The Kickstarter for Strike Suit Zero has announced two new tiers, the $650 tier which includes a Thurstmaster Warthog HOTAS (freaking SWEET throttle and stick), and a $300 tier which includes a headset, a mouse and a….bag? Yeah, a bag. Hope it’s an awesome bag at least. ;)
  • Over on the official Star Citizen website, they have a new Friday update with word on new stretch goals, news on physical add-ons and more.
  • Finally in the news today, in Ring Runner news, over on Kickstarter they’ve announced an AMA on Reddit with the devs to start at 3PM Pacific time today. There’s also a first look video of the game (which I’ll embed below) made by fan 5nak3 that’s totally worth checking out.

Finally, in deals news, GOG is having a sale on every Interplay game they have this weekend, because apparently the price of some will be going up soon as part of a new deal with ‘em to bring more games to the site. There are a lot of amazing games in this sale, all for $2.99, such as:

Plus a lot of amazing games that aren’t spacey games, such as Sacrifice, M.A.X., Conquest of the New World, Shogo, Shattered Steel and many more. If you don’t already have a bunch of these amazing games, get ‘em now!

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see y’all on Monday!

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GOG Launches Mac Games, Interplay Bundle

GOG Goes Mac

Whole New Games for Mac! Yay!

Well GOG has certainly been busy, as they had a conference today to launch a buncha things, many of interest to space gamers. First off, they’re bringing many of their games to the Mac platform, several for the first time! In spacey game goodness, this includes:

FTL, which was already available on Mac, can now also be down for the platform through GOG if you have a copy there as well. This is AWESOME for Mac games, and I’m truly and honestly thrilled for y’all. :) I tried to run one of their games (non-spacey game, Theme Hospital) on my MacBook Pro here at work and it worked like a champ. I am VERY wary of installing Starflight, as I will get NOTHING done. ;)

Awesome Interplay Bundle

Snag This, People!

They’re also launching a deal in which you can pay what you want for various Interplay games, and for $34.99, you get 32 games, which is a freaking bargain because of course you get Freespace and Freespace 2 among other non-spacey classics. This deal runs for the next two weeks. I’d jump it but I already own pretty much every game in the catalog already. ;)

Enjoy the deals and the new games! ;)


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Spacey Snippets – 3-16-12

All those little dots are news stories...

It's a Supernova of News!!!

Heeeeelllo everyone, how y’all been? Me, I’ve been busy, not only with work, but with some articles for here as well, so a lot of news has happened in the interim. I’ve got a ton to go through, so let’s get started:

WHEW! That was a lot! Thanks for reading y’all, and have a great weekend!

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