Spacey Game News and Deals 2/27/13: Slow News Day

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Yay! News!

Hellooo everyone, and happy hump day! Not a ton of news today, but there’s one story that has everyone buzzing, so we’ll start with that…

In deals, there’s only one today, that being Strike Suit Zero for $13.99 over on Green Man Gaming. In related news, awesome abandonware site Abandonia — which is a treasure trove for folks like me — is going through a pedge drive of sorts, so check it out and see if they’re worth kicking a few bucks. Finally, there is a lovely ship from Dead Space 3 over on the Concept Ships blog by artist Jehan Choo.

That’s it folks! I know right? Not even videos! Have a great day y’all!


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SGJ Podcast #01: Graphics vs. UI vs. Gameplay! FIGHT!

More Chit Chat

More Chit Chat

Hello, and welcome to episode 01 of the SGJ Podcast. Join Jim from the Bad Movie Podcast and me as we try to adapt something of a format in order to have some more focus and structure! ;) We talk about some news, some games we’re playing, and our topic for this week, which games that are still worth playing even though their graphics and UI are on the archaic side. We also look at the opposite side of the coin, games that have held up well over the years.

We also have an iTunes page now, as well as our RSS feed! Yay! Thank you for listening, and please find our show notes under the cut. :) Also, since I’m still pretty new to this podcasting thing (it’s old hat to Jim, thankfully), please don’t hesitate to give me constructive criticism on how I can improve my performance either in the comments below or in the forum. :) Hope the length is okay with y’all, but again, new to this stuff, still trying to be efficient. ;) Thanks again! :)

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Spacey Game News and Deals 2/25-26/13: Catching Up Edition

News Satellite Dish


Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, had a dentist appointment and no time to put into this, sadly. Fun times! This mean I have news from today, yesterday and the weekend to cover, so let’s dive in!

Next up, sales, and there’s a good chunk of stuff! Steam is having several midweek sales, which includes the following:

Finally, related news! First, since we cover older games here, I though that a new version of the Amiga emulator WinUAE being released was somewhat relevant, thanks to Indie Retro News for the update. Next, I missed this somehow but Artem Bank — the gentleman who composed the amazing music for Star Ruler — has two new bits of music out, “Facebook 5” and “Natural” which sound great. Finally, the Concept Ships blog has fantastic ships from Joseph Cross and a gorgeous orbiter concept from Rasmus Poulsen.

That’s it folks! WHEW! Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

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Vote for Ring Runner in The Next Game Boss!!

Ring Runner Screenshot

Please, Go Vote for These Guys! :)

Hey y’all, I know typically I’d include stuff like this in the daily news bits, but I was very kindly asked to push this, and the guys behind this game are so damned nice I couldn’t refuse. :) Ring Runner has advanced to the semi-finals of The Next Game Boss (yay for them!), and I’m encouraging y’all to go and VOTE FOR ‘EM so they can win, because they totally deserve it. There’s a download link on the voting page so y’all can try the game. Voting takes place from NOW to March 2nd, so go go go and vote! :) Thanks guys!

Hey lookit! Video!


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Aeon Command: Striking a Balance Between Tension and Control

1 - Straightforward Tutorial

Humble Beginnings

One of the joys this blog brings — besides you guys, of course ;) — is that without it, there are a lot of wonderful little indie titles I might’ve missed. Case in point, Aeon Command here.  If I hadn’t been scouring Desura one day — which isn’t something I did before launching this blog — for new games, I might never have come across it, honestly. I’m really glad I did though, and if you keep on reading, hopefully you’ll see why and try it for yourself. ;)

C’mon In, the Combat’s Fine…


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Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 5 – Silly Situational Awareness…

This entry is part 5 of 23 in the series TIE Fighter Review
TIE Fighter Entry 5 Screenshot

Love Them Torpedoes…

In this entry into my look at Star Wars: TIE Fighter, I play Battle 2, Mission 2, “The Sepan Civil War, Mission #2: Intercept Attack” twice. Why twice? Because I, for some reason, didn’t/couldn’t keep track of what was going on on the battlefield, and paid the price. I therefore HAD to try again. ;) Enjoy!


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Video Verdict: Striking a Balance

Striking a Balance

Balance is Always Best…

First off, I want to thank everyone who voted and everyone who gave me feedback on this, both in the poll as well as comments here and on other sites. :) I love how honest y’all are with me, and I really appreciate it. Over eighty votes are in as I write this, and the majority overwhelmingly wants a balanced approach, so here’s what I’m thinking.

I’ll decide whether each game gets text or video coverage via review or preview on a game-by-game basis, depending on what I think might be more entertaining. If I do go with video, I’ll include enough text in the post linking to the video to give y’all a good notion about what’s in the video without having to watch it. This is so folks who don’t want to watch videos or can’t watch them due to hearing or language restrictions will still know what the gist of the video is. Certain articles like news will always be text-based, and interviews will likely very as time goes on. Hopefully this will strike a balance that will keep things fun, zesty and interesting for both you folks and me. ;)

So thank you again to everyone who voted and commented, I REALLY super duper appreciate it, no lie. ;) Y’all are what help motivate me to put so much time in this site, so thank you for your continued patronage and awesomeness. :) If you have any further questions or comments on this, please don’t hesitate to throw them my way. :) Thanks again!


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Spacey Gamey News and Dealsies 2/21-22/13: Random Bucket of Randomness

Radio News


Hey folks, happy Friday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, was a crazy day and just didn’t have time. There’s two days worth of stuff here, so let’s get right to it!

Now, in deals, there are a LOT to go over, so let’s dive in:

  • Gratuitous Space Battles is having a free weekend on Steam, plus the game itself is 75% off, meaning the base game is $3.74 and the “complete” pack is $4.74. The discount isn’t on the latest DLC though.
  • Lunar Flight (PC, Mac) is on sale at GetGames for 4.99.
  • The Indie Gala Colossus bundle includes a copy of Galactic Civilizations 1: Ultimate Edition along with a buncha other games if you pay around $5 as I write this.
  • Amazon is having a HUGE Farewell to February sale, which includes a few space games such as Space Empires 5 for $4.99, O.R.B. for $2.49 and Spacebar (which I’ve never heard of) for $1.24.
  • While not technically a space game, Sword of the Stars: The Pit — from the folks who made the Sword of the Stars space games — is finally available and going for $8.99 on GamersGate. Initial impressions are quite mixed on this one.

Finally, in kinda-related news, one of the co-founders of the Unity engine, which a lot of space game devs are using these days, it seems, has left the company to make games on his own. Finally finally, Ziff-Davis closed down 1Up, UGO and GameSpy yesterday, all of which gave decent coverage to space games, so I wish all those folks luck in finding new gigs.

That’s it for today folks! Have an awesome weekend!

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An Honest Question about Videos…

Switching to Video

The Magic of Video…

So a while back, the fantastically talented James Allen proclaimed that he was taking the reviews on his awesome site, Out of Eight PC Game Reviews, from a textual to a video format. At the time, I had no idea why one would want to do this, so I was confused. I mean, isn’t text better?

Now, however, after watching his videos and making more of my own, I get it. Making these video articles is just a TON of fun, more fun that actually writing them out in all honesty. Take the Kerbal Space Program video. I was totally having writers block about the actual written article, but when I decided to try a video preview series, I jumped at it.

Therefore, I’m thinking of experimenting solely with video reviews and previews, but I wanted to ask what you guys thought, since this site is as much here for you as it is for me. ;) In the poll below, please let me know how you feel about switching from a more textual format to a more visual, video format. I look forward to seeing the results of the poll as well as reading your comments and questions below. Thanks, as always, for your time and your patronage. It really means the world to me. :)

Edit: The poll below is now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted and commented!


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Let’s Play Kerbal Space Program – Entry 1 – One Small Step for Newbs…

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Kerbal Space Program Preview
Kerbal Space Program Entry 1 Screenshot


So here’s the deal. This game, Kerbal Space Program, has intimidated me ever since the first time I ran it and indiscriminately killed three little cute fellas in a fiery ball of DEATH. Also, the building part is wacky insanacrazy. So I put it off for a while, finding I had writers block in terms of writing up a preview because I had no idea how to write all this FEELS stuff out, you know?

So I realized yeah, I stink at this game. I mean, REALLY stink, but that doesn’t have to remain true forever. I therefore welcome you to the first installment of my preview series looking at KSP, which I hope you’ll join me on a journey of education, discovery and crazy stupid fun, because that’s what this game is. Enjoy!


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