Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 2 – Freaking A-Wings

TIE Fighter Entry 2 Screenshot
God Dammit…

In returning to TIE Fighter, I found myself in a mission flying an Assault Gunboat with a buncha A-Wings. Guess how well THAT went…

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “Let’s Play TIE Fighter – Entry 2 – Freaking A-Wings

    1. Hahahaha, good, it’ll likely happen more often. Freaking stupid A-Wings…

      1. Thank god that you are not the swearing kind: my comments would have certainly NOT been PG13 -but full of beeps, and not the beep from the lasers !!! But it certainly puts you in the mood for hating the rebellion, when they are at 12 against a poor gunboat. I wonder how you win that mission ?! Missiles ?

  1. Lure the A-wings away from the cruiser and mines, then pick one and stay on it until it is destroyed.

  2. -chuckles- I remember that mission, And yeah, a-wings are a nightmare. Worst ship in the game to fight!

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