Imperium Galactica Stargazer Incoming!!

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10 Responses

  1. zeraan says:

    Yay, a new Imperium Galactica game! Wait, online? No mentions of single player? Not sure what to think…

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey, I’m happy with more IG one way or another. If this does well, who knows, maybe a SP IG game won’t be too far behind…

      • zeraan says:

        Yeah. I’m going over to their forums and petition that Imperium Galactica I and II to be released on GoG, or at least be made available for digital download somewhere… If they do that at least, then I’ll be a happy camper!

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Hah, yeah, I would kill for GoG versions of IG and IG2. I mean, they have Haegemonia, so why not?

        • zeraan says:

          Arg, can’t register… Gonna wait a bit. As for my original comment, I’ll have to see how they do it. Is it more of a MMO style game, or is it a regular online where you set up a lobby and then start a new game? If the latter, then I’d be interested.

  2. EBM says:

    On the surface it’s great news, but the complete lack of any info on whether or not there’s a single player element (skirmish at least) is very disappointing. The last thing we need is another freakin’ MMO.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      I don’t think we have enough info to even feel disappointed yet, mate. ;) Patience, my friend, patience. :)

  3. Grave says:

    Digital Reality…one of my least favorite indie developer (they usually never listened to customer’s feedback and rarely patch/fix their buggy games, as it seems)


  4. Grant says:

    Don’t worry, Brian. I’ll download the tech demo in your stead. :)

    Great to see DR back in action doing what they’ve always done best. Haegemonia counts as one of my all time favourite games.

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