Off-Topic: Siiiiiick AGAIN. :(

Again with This…

So y’all might’ve noticed that I’ve been quiet since Monday. Well, you know what’s worse than getting sick? Getting sick on one’s birthday! YAY! Great present, huh? ;) Right now I barely have the energy to get work done and little else, so until I feel better posting will be sporadic. I just wanted to keep y’all updated. Thanks as always for visiting, and I’ll try to get back on the horse as soon as I’m well enough. :) Have a great day/week! Love y’all! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

16 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Siiiiiick AGAIN. :(

  1. Holy Jumpin’ Jeebus, Brian. Gotta put you into quarantine when you get better. That’ll keep ya healthy. Or just stay and live in a Viper cockpit. I’m sure that’ll keep you safe from germs (and Cylons). Get better soon.

    1. Hey, it’s not my fault that I live with a teacher who interacts with little petrie dishes full of the plague every day. ;) :P

        1. haha, classic

          dude brian, i think strange is right tho, we need to quarantine you!

  2. That stinks! Hope you feel better soon! Being sick stinks in a big way, not just because you don’t feel well enough to shower…

  3. The first year I was married to an ICU nurse, I used nearly a whole month of sick leave. After that first year I built up enough immunity that I didn’t use more than five six days per year over the next ten years…until she went to work for a cardiologist…such is life. Get well soon Brian. .

    1. Heh, yeah, it feels like that. Next year we’re both totally getting flu shots.

  4. I myself work at home with my own little two petri dishes. Snot, cough, oozing bodily fluids and viruses in every color of the rainbow are hence my everyday life. I understand what you are going through Brian, but hey, what does not kill you makes your blog stronger !
    Flu shots are a good idea, I wish I could get noise shots so that I could develop 4X games at home without the petri dishes whining in my ears…
    Those who see the doctor every week salute you !!

    PS: in my previous comment,my site url got pirated in some weird way, and my URL was replaced with a gravatar one?

    1. Welcome to the blog Pavlos! Yeah, seems pretty common, this cold crap. Now, tell me about your game. ;)

      1. Alas, I need a programmer to make the bloody game :) I can do anything else: design, model, make a game-design, make sound effects (with or without using suspicious orifices), belly-dance -but coding I gave up (even though I enjoyed Director in the olde days). Me coding was like trying to build a rocket with paper and glue: it might have looked damn fine on the launchpad, but it would not take anyone anywhere haha.
        So I lurk around looking for a programmer and preparing myself for it. Reading forums, blogs and knitting.

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