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Spacey Gamey News and Deals 11/18/14: The News Floodgates Have Burst!

Hello my friends, and welcome to a new week with new newsiness! :) The news has been piling up a bit of late, so I figured I’d sit down and lay it on out for y’all! Here goes! Wayward: Terran Frontier – After their last Kickstarter failed to ignite, sadly, the folks behind it have… Read More »

Spacey Gamey News 10/31/14 – The Spooky (Not Really) Edition

Hey folks, happy Friday, and happy Halloween! There’s some big news today in spacey game announcements and releases, so I’m gonna get right to it! Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – This comes out today, and you can buy it directly from Slitherine or on Steam! I hope to get some time with it this… Read More »

Spacey Game News and Deals 7/1/14: Brace for Impact!!

Helloooo my friends, and welcome to…*gasp*…the news!! It’s been a while since I did one of these, and for good reason! I’ve been buuuuuuuusy, not only making new content for the site in videos and such, but also with work and life! I’ve said I’ll do these posts as I’m able, and lookit, right now… Read More »

Let’s Play The Last Federation – Entry 4 – Trying to Find a Straight Line

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series: Last Federation Review

Welcome back to this latest installment of my Last Federation Let’s Play. In this installment, I strive to find new focus in the game by helping two potentially valuable races — the Acutians and the Evucks — by getting them to like me and each other more. I do this through several direct and indirect methods, but… Read More »

Let’s Play The Last Federation – Entry 2 – Finding a Purpose

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series: Last Federation Review

Hey folks, welcome to my next entry looking at the fascinating grand strategy game, The Last Federation. In this installment, I try to get a clearer idea as to the direction I should be taking with the races sharing this solar system, and also try some new patched in features such as auto-resolved combat. Check… Read More »