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Let’s Play Infinite Space 3 – Entry 1 – Let’s See What’s Out There…

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series: Infinite Space III Review

Welcome to Infinite Space III: The Sea of Stars my friends! In this game, we have the latest in a series of space adventure roguelikes. These boil down the highlights of games like Starflight and Star Control II — the exploration, the discovering, improving one’s ship, fighting or running away from hostile aliens and so… Read More »

The News Cannon Post-Holiday Edition: A Machine Gun of News In Your News Hole!

Hello folks, and welcome to 2015! Happy new year! I hope the holiday season was joyous, wonderful and restful for y’all! I took a break from the site for a spell, mostly to recharge my batteries but also because of Elite: Dangerous. GOD DAMN that game is good. ;) Regardless, it’s a new year, time… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #44: Looking Back at 2013 (And Other Randomness)

Hey folks, welcome to 2014!! We’re back with our weekly brand of insanity, and this week, Jim and I take a look back at 2013, as well as talk about some other random stuff, both space and non-space related. Hope y’all don’t mind. ;) As always, we invite you to subscribe to us on RSS… Read More »

Spacey Game News 7/31/13: Bye Bye July Edition

    Helllllooo everyone, and happy Wednesday! Can y’all believe July is over already?! Where the heck did it go? Anyway, how’s your week going? Mine’s been kinda weird, started off with a sick day and just been tired ever since. Blah. I have enough energy for news though, so let’s get to it! Eterium… Read More »