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SGJ Podcast #44: Looking Back at 2013 (And Other Randomness)

Hey folks, welcome to 2014!! We’re back with our weekly brand of insanity, and this week, Jim and I take a look back at 2013, as well as talk about some other random stuff, both space and non-space related. Hope y’all don’t mind. ;) As always, we invite you to subscribe to us on RSS… Read More »

Spaceforce Constellations Released on Steam

Well, THIS came out of nowhere. I’d heard of Spaceforce Constellations a while back, but then there was no news about it for ages. Then, POOF, it appeared on Steam today for $7.99. I, of course, snagged it — I mean, that was cheap! — so I’ll let’cha know how it is in a bit.