Zigfrak is Now on Steam!

Zigfrak: It's Kinda Cray Cray...;)

Zigfrak: It’s Kinda Cray Cray, In a Good Way…;)

Congrats to Alex for having his fantastic game, Zigfrak, finally available on Steam. Y’all can get the game for a mere $2.49, and I suggest y’all do so because it’s really fantastic. Don’t believe me? Check out my review for more deets. :) Enjoy!


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Congrats to Newly Greenlit Spacey Games!

Steam Greenlight Logo

Woohoo! New Spacey Goodness on Steam!

Steam has released the latest list of Greenlit titles for October, and among the many games chosen (100 in all!), the following spacey games have been approved:

I know I am thrilled as all hell for these developers, so please join me in wishing them all a heartfelt and well-deserved congratulations! :) They deserve every accolade they can get. :)


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Spacey Deals to Start Your Weekend

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Go! Buy! Save!

Hey kids, there are some deals going on this weekend I wanted to let y’all know about while I have a little time to breathe. ;) These are:

Now, if someone held a gun to my head and told me to buy only one thing here, it’d be Zigfrak, from ShinyLoot, easily. Fantastic deal for the price, and you’d be silly not to snag it if you haven’t already. :) Weird Worlds would likely be next on the list, if the person with the gun let me choose. ;) Have a good one folks, and happy saving!


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Spacey Gamey News and Deals 9/5/13: The It’s-Not-Friday-Yet? Edition

News RSS Image

Newsey Goodness…

Helllllooooo my friends, and happy Thursday! I hope y’all are having great week so far! Mine’s been okay, not enough sleeping and certainly not enough gaming, but whuddyagonnado, right? ;) You’re not here to read my babblings though (or ARE you?), you’re here for NEWS, so let’s do this thing!

  • Star Citizen – The Mittani has posted their own hangar walkthrough showing off eight ships (well, four ships with several variants) and the official site has an edited version of the hangar launch video which was edited by a fan. Both vids will be below the cut.
  • EVE Online – The official site has word that the Second Decade Collector’s Edition will ship on October 24th. This massive package (hurr hurr) inclides a 190-page hardcover book, a Rifter-shaped USB hub, a soundtrack CD and several in-game items. Dayum.
  • Star Conflict – A new update has been released that improves ship slot systems, among other things.
  • X3 Series – Via the Egosoft Facebook account, they’ve announced that X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude are in beta for Mac through Steam.
  • Wing Commander – The CIC are reporting that an intrepid fan has gotten the original game to work on a Raspberry Pi, which is pretty damned cool.
  • Star Trek Online – There’s a new dev blog looking further at dilithium mines, a new special project in the game, apparently.
  • Drox Operative – A new 1.022 beta patch adds a ton of new fixes and reminds me I owe the expansion a preview, so stay tuned for that.
  • Ring Runner – Over on Facebook, there’s a new logo for the game’s upcoming MOBA-like mode.
  • Yargis: The Beginning – Found this game over on Steam Greenlight, and it looks pretty nifty. They also have an IndieGoGo campaign going on.
  • Paragon – Finally, I brought this up yesterday because I was under the mistaken impression it’s a new game. It isn’t, it appears to be a modification based on the Pioneer open source engine. However, the Paragon site doesn’t mention Pioneer at ALL, which honestly bugs me a lot, especially since they’re on Greenlight asking to be sold on the biggest digital distribution platform around. I therefore wanted to apologize for giving the impression this was a new game and just be transparent about the whole thing.

But wait, there’s more. We have some deals today too! First off, there’s a new digital distribution platform called ShinyLoot and they have deals on some space games such as:

I already got that Honor in Vengeance II game, because $0.90 is amazingly cheap, but still, stuff is hard to find over there, so be warned. The other deal is the Humble Weekly Sale which includes AI War and all five expansions along with basically every other Arcen game for about $6 as I write this, an amazing deal if you miss out on the last one.

Finally, in kinda-related news, some intrepid fans made a full-scale model of U.S.S. Voyager from the show of the same name. Heck, I might even load up Minecraft my own self to check it out.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great one!

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Spacey Game News and Deals 5/18-23/13: The OMG-I-Am-Never-Going-That-Long-Without-Posting-News-Ever-Again (Hopefully) Edition

Drowning in News

Drowning Under the Tide of News…

Hellloooooo everyone, and happy Friday! This was a really nutty week for me, hence the lack of news until today! I’ve got a WEEK’S worth of stuff to get through, so let’s DO THIS! ;)

(Sorry if the news pieces appear a bit disjointed, I had to go through between seventy to eighty news pieces out of order ;)

OH MY GOD that was a lot. But wait, we also have DEALS! Besides the two mentioned yesterday, we also have the following:

FINALLY, we’re done. That took FOREVER to put together, but I love y’all, so y’all are worth it. ;) Have a great weekend!

Videos Right This Way!


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Spacey Gamey Newsies & Dealsies 4/11-17/13: The Freaking Finally Edition

Stack of Newspapers


Helllllloooooo my wonderful awesome friends! I’m back! I think! *checks* Yes, I’m back! Sorry for the lack of news posts, got surprisingly busy all over the place and just didn’t have the time. I do now though, yay! There’s a lot to go over, so let’s dive in, it’s all warm and stuff! ;)

We’re not done yet folks! We have DEALS too!! Let’s do this!

FINALLY, the folks at Arcen games (who made the aforementioned AI War) have announced a new game called Skyward Collapse, which looks awesome.

That’s it! Have a great day folks!

Get’cher Videos Right Here…


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Spacey Game News and Deals 2/25-26/13: Catching Up Edition

News Satellite Dish


Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, had a dentist appointment and no time to put into this, sadly. Fun times! This mean I have news from today, yesterday and the weekend to cover, so let’s dive in!

Next up, sales, and there’s a good chunk of stuff! Steam is having several midweek sales, which includes the following:

Finally, related news! First, since we cover older games here, I though that a new version of the Amiga emulator WinUAE being released was somewhat relevant, thanks to Indie Retro News for the update. Next, I missed this somehow but Artem Bank — the gentleman who composed the amazing music for Star Ruler — has two new bits of music out, “Facebook 5” and “Natural” which sound great. Finally, the Concept Ships blog has fantastic ships from Joseph Cross and a gorgeous orbiter concept from Rasmus Poulsen.

That’s it folks! WHEW! Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

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Spacey Game News 1/18-21/13: The Apology Edition ;)

News RSS Image

So. Much. News!

Haaaaay everyone, happy Monday! Also, in the U.S., let’s take a moment to remember the amazing man that was Martin Luther King Jr., for I know I wish he was still here with us. In happier news, it’s my staycation! WOOOOO! Sorry I didn’t post on Friday, but I had a CRAPTON of stuff I had to do that day before leaving work, so this is a catch up edition of the news, and there’s aplenty of it, so let’s get started!

There’s also some non-direct space gaming news from folks related to space gaming, such as:

That’s it! Thanks for your time and patience folks, and have an awesome day. :)


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Spacey Game News and Deals – 1/7-8/13

Folded Newspapers

Packed to the Gills with News!

Haaaaaaaaaay youuuuu guuuuyyysss! How are ya? I hope y’all are doing awesomely! Me, I’m still under the weather a bit, but feeling better today, so I’ve got a frakton of news to get off my chest, finally. Let’s dive in!

Next up, in related gaming news, THQ’s assets are going up for auction on 1/22/13, according to VG247. This includes Volition, creator of the Freespace games. Best of luck to all of them. Then, Kickstarter sent out a little The Best of 2012 slideshow, and what’s interesting here is that while no space games are mentioned specifically, there was $83,144,565 backed for games projects from 1,378,143 backers, which is more than any other category by a wide margin, so yay for games!

In non-gaming news, we have great ship designs from Michael Tassie and Darren Bartley over on the Concept Ships blog.

Finally, there’s unsurprisingly — after all the holiday sales — only one deal today, that being Star Wolves 3: Civil War for $14.99 on Green Man Gaming Today.

WHEW! I need a nap now. ;) Have an awesome day folks!

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Zigfrak: A Funny, Action-Packed Space Romp

Big Explosion!!

Yeah, Much of The Game is Like This. ;)

One of the joys of this gig is finding out about space games I might’ve never heard of otherwise. With more and more indie-based space games coming out (and how awesome is that, seriously?), there are games I might’ve missed if I was just a fan. Running this blog, however, forces me to have my ear to the ground, and I’ve loved being surprised by these little indie gems, the latest of which is called Zigfrak. I’ve written about Zigfrak before, and even spending a couple of hours with it was a lot of fun, but now for a full review, I spent a bunch more time with the game, and am ready to tell y’all what I think of it. ;) Enjoy! (Also, there’s a coupon code at the end of the article that gets you 25% off the game! Yay!)

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