Zigfrak: A Little Combat, A Little Humor, A Lot of Fun

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  1. elitefrontier says:


  2. elitefrontier says:

    and brian you really get me into stuff with your passion..I thought I was the only one like this about space games sheesh now the world is in trouble there are two of us…..been spacing since the Original Elite back on my AtariST…Love ya man you really are one of the best commentators and the craziest…..

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog, elitefrontier, and thank you for your kind words! :) And don’t worry, we’re not the only ones who like space games — though yeah, I might be one of the nuttiest — but I’m so glad that my passion for the genre resonates with others. :)

  3. i got the demo for this a few months ago and it is quite good. the controls are very strange thought imo.

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