Space Game Poetry Contest: Win a Free Copy of Zigfrak!

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11 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Elite IV

    I sit in the pilot chair of my Cobra Mk III,

    Wondering how much longer Elite IV will be.

    Mr Braben's to busy faffing with Raspberry Pi,

    So I'll just stay here in my cockpit and cry…

  2. Tony says:

    Well I already own it, otherwise I would try my poem making skills (well lack there of I mean).

  3. Brian Rubin says:


  4. Zeraan says:

    I would have wrote one

    about games, unfortunately

    haiku is too short

  5. Nicole says:

    There once was a man from Nantucket

    Who played Space Games while perched on a bucket.

    One day while at play

    His bucket gave way,

    So he cried, "Damn you, Space Games! Aw, f*** it."

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Sorry, site administrators and their girlfriends are ineligible to enter this contest. Nice entry though, babe. ;)

  6. Blips says:

    Bright and red the engines pulsed and roared;

    Overhead the metal birds woke and soared;

    In the dark a proud Captain spoke calm but hard;

    A mission stark amongst the spaces starred;

    The grim faces watched the array of screens;

    Distances measured by digital means;

    The numbers shortened and orders rang out;

    Gunners take aim and bring our long guns about;

    Metal flew tearing explosions along hulls;

    Ships drew close and the chaos suffered no lulls;

    After hours the battle sputtered to an end;

    The powers faded with the crews beyond mend;

    And even today the broken fleets still drift;

    Tempting pay if you can brave the bodies stiff;

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