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Independence War 2
One of the Many Games I’ll be Streaming…

Hey folks, I’ve FINALLY put the calendar together for my Staycation Streaming Festival on YouTube, starting Monday, 12/21/15 and going most days through the end of 2015. The goal is to stream each game for at least thirty minutes apiece, which is how much time I’d give a one off piece normally. This will be different for the Patreon Patron streaming day, as they’ll get a bit more time. ;) I’ll be starting most days around 8:00 AM Pacific time and go to around noon with short breaks between each game for setup and such (though some days might be different due to pre-existing plans). Also, some days will be skipped like Christmas and New Years. ;) With that said, here’s the schedule!

Monday, 12/21/15 – Patreon Patron Day (Games Suggested by Patreon Patrons)

  • Independence War 2 from Craig
  • Star Ruler 2 from teak421
  • Space Rangers 2 HD from Todd Zircher
  • Possibly more!

Tuesday, 12/22/15 – Random One-Off Day (This Day will Start in the Afternoon due to Previous Plans)

  • Concealed Intent
  • Duskers
  • Star Command Galaxies
  • Flat Universe

Wednesday, 12/23/15 – Random One-Off Day

  • Sirius Online
  • Nomad Fleet
  • Ascii Sector
  • Gran Vitreous

Thursday, 12/24/15 – Random One-Off Day

  • Project Tarvotan
  • After The End: The Harvest
  • Pilot Crusader
  • Void Invaders

Saturday, 12/26/15 – Random One-Off Day

  • Battleships Forever
  • 500 Days Episode 1
  • Shiplord
  • TeraBlaster

Sunday, 12/27/15 – Random One-Off Day

  • Galactic Magnitude
  • Farlight Explorers
  • Galaxy Union
  • Galak-Z

Monday, 12/28/15 – Random One-Off Day

  • Psycho Starship Rampage
  • StarFence
  • Warshift
  • Stars of Call

Tuesday, 12/29/15 – Games I Hate Day – This will me streaming games I specifically can’t stand!

  • Dark Horizon
  • Darklight Conflict
  • Star Raiders
  • The Tomorrow War

Wednesday, 12/30/15 – Giveaway Day – This will be the final day of the event, so I wanna give away some games I have. To qualify to win, you must not only attend the stream for the specific game you wanna win (one winner per game), but you must comment and engage as well. The games I’ll be playing to close this out include:

  • Zigfrak (1 Copy)
  • Defect (1 Copy)
  • Star Wolves (Keys for the Entire Series)
  • X Rebirth (3 Copies)

That’s it! Yay! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, and I can’t wait to see y’all next week!

Author: Brian Rubin

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