Spacey Gamey News and Deals 9/5/13: The It’s-Not-Friday-Yet? Edition

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Newsey Goodness…

Helllllooooo my friends, and happy Thursday! I hope y’all are having great week so far! Mine’s been okay, not enough sleeping and certainly not enough gaming, but whuddyagonnado, right? ;) You’re not here to read my babblings though (or ARE you?), you’re here for NEWS, so let’s do this thing!

  • Star Citizen – The Mittani has posted their own hangar walkthrough showing off eight ships (well, four ships with several variants) and the official site has an edited version of the hangar launch video which was edited by a fan. Both vids will be below the cut.
  • EVE Online – The official site has word that the Second Decade Collector’s Edition will ship on October 24th. This massive package (hurr hurr) inclides a 190-page hardcover book, a Rifter-shaped USB hub, a soundtrack CD and several in-game items. Dayum.
  • Star Conflict – A new update has been released that improves ship slot systems, among other things.
  • X3 Series – Via the Egosoft Facebook account, they’ve announced that X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude are in beta for Mac through Steam.
  • Wing Commander – The CIC are reporting that an intrepid fan has gotten the original game to work on a Raspberry Pi, which is pretty damned cool.
  • Star Trek Online – There’s a new dev blog looking further at dilithium mines, a new special project in the game, apparently.
  • Drox Operative – A new 1.022 beta patch adds a ton of new fixes and reminds me I owe the expansion a preview, so stay tuned for that.
  • Ring Runner – Over on Facebook, there’s a new logo for the game’s upcoming MOBA-like mode.
  • Yargis: The Beginning – Found this game over on Steam Greenlight, and it looks pretty nifty. They also have an IndieGoGo campaign going on.
  • Paragon – Finally, I brought this up yesterday because I was under the mistaken impression it’s a new game. It isn’t, it appears to be a modification based on the Pioneer open source engine. However, the Paragon site doesn’t mention Pioneer at ALL, which honestly bugs me a lot, especially since they’re on Greenlight asking to be sold on the biggest digital distribution platform around. I therefore wanted to apologize for giving the impression this was a new game and just be transparent about the whole thing.

But wait, there’s more. We have some deals today too! First off, there’s a new digital distribution platform called ShinyLoot and they have deals on some space games such as:

  • Zigfrak for $3.96
  • Honor in Vengeance II (which I’ve never heard of until now) for $0.90
  • Deep Eclipse for $8.99
  • Planets Under Attack for $7.50

I already got that Honor in Vengeance II game, because $0.90 is amazingly cheap, but still, stuff is hard to find over there, so be warned. The other deal is the Humble Weekly Sale which includes AI War and all five expansions along with basically every other Arcen game for about $6 as I write this, an amazing deal if you miss out on the last one.

Finally, in kinda-related news, some intrepid fans made a full-scale model of U.S.S. Voyager from the show of the same name. Heck, I might even load up Minecraft my own self to check it out.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

13 thoughts on “Spacey Gamey News and Deals 9/5/13: The It’s-Not-Friday-Yet? Edition

  1. Thanks Brian for the news! Without your update I would not have known Egosoft had released a Mac compatible X3AP. Steam loading now. :)

      1. It’s set in a derelict spaceship filled with angry robots and aliens though, so it should count.

        BTW, does it reminds you with something?

        1. But you don’t control the ship nor do you really see space, so it doesn’t, but it does have a very Breachy look to it. Also, I’m a sucker for Roguelikes.

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