Finally Freaking Friday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 2/9/18

So Hooked on This Right Now…

Hey friends, and happy Friday! I am so happy this week is over, it’s been a weird, long one. Not bad, just weird. Speaking of weird, let’s start with the last video of this week’s game of the week, Scavenger SV-4.

I was having a good time until something began thunking INSIDE THE SPACESHIP. The ship I was supposedly ALONE on. I don’t play horror games. I don’t like jump scares. I can’t play games that have facehugger-type things, and sometimes spiders. In the game, I locked the doors to the bridge and hid behind the chair. In real life, I was crouching down in my chair, as if I was actually trying to hide behind the chair in the game. THEN SOMETHING JUMPED AT THE DOOR, and I immediately quit the game. It was amazing. It took me at least 30 minutes to calm down. I am never playing it again, but you all need to own it, as it’s amazing.

Last night, by the way, we played some Vermintide, and it was fun, but I don’t know about its longevity.

So the other night, I had my very first spate of video game-related vertigo. I was playing Dying Light, and at one point I just felt a bit queasy, dizzy and tired. I turned off the game and immediately felt better. I was worried though. I love first-person games. I REALLY didn’t want to get sick from playing them. I therefore tried an experiment. I’ve never played the Mirror’s Edge games because I thought they would twinge my fear of heights. I figured though, if this vertigo thing was gonna be a thing, ME would also likely cause it. Neither Titanfall 2 or Homefront: Revolution — games that had similar movement schemes to Dying Light — caused any issue, so I figured it was the game, not me. Thankfully, the original Mirror’s Edge proved me right. While it did give me a slight fear of the heights involved, it was such a RUSH to run around in. I’m still early in the game, but I’m having a BLAST with it.

Other than that, I’ve been playing a lot of EVE Online and Grim Dawn. While I’m waiting to train up for a solo Algos fitting so I can take on combat sites by myself, lately I’ve been scanning down data and relic sites in an Imicus scanning frigate, and have made several million just finding stuff in sites. It’s really a lot of fun. In terms of Grim Dawn, I had maybe eight hours in the game, and was enjoying it, but recently found out it has gamepad support. While it’s fun with a mouse and keyboard, I figured it’d feel more fluid with a gamepad, and wow is that the case. The game is disgustingly fun, and it might be becoming my all-time favorite ARPG.

This weekend, since it just got a big update, I’m gonna be playing some Zigfrak for y’all. I’ve covered it a bit here and there, but it’s never gotten the Game of the Week treatment, and it’s a pretty great game, so I figure it deserves some love. Not sure if I’ll have time for anything else — I am super behind on my Space Rangers playthrough, I know — but if I do I might fit something else in.

Alright, enough ranting and raving, onto news!

  • Station 21 is coming out of early access next week, on 2/12! I’ll definitely do a series the following week!
  • Battleship Lonewolf 2 drops on steam on 2/21.
  • Galactic Civilizations III got a massive new patch which apparently significantly revises the AI. Can’t wait to try it!
  • Stellaris has a dev update on its upcoming big 2.0 patch.
  • Interstellar Rift has a new patch which adds escape pods, deathstates and more, as detailed by this associated dev update.
  • Osiris: New Dawn has a hotfix with a bunch of little fixes.
  • Endless Space 2 has a new patch with a ton of fixes.
  • Hellion has a dev update showing off some of the upcoming changes to life support and more.
  • Starpoint Gemini Warlords is now selling its soundtrack separately.
  • Rocket Boy: Space Exploration looks to be a 2D exploration game, according to this video on reddit.
  • Star Traders: Frontiers has a patch expanding upon its era-based gameplay.
  • The Concept Ships blog has a lovely container ship from Chris Kuhn.
  • Finally, this amazingly huge CRPG Book PDF includes a lot of classic spacey RPG games.

Finally, Nuuvem is having a Carnival Sale that includes a ton of space games!

That’s it for this week y’all! Have a lovely weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Finally Freaking Friday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 2/9/18

  1. Thanks Brian. I’ve been practically begging Amplitude to make a space sim based on the Endless Space world. We need more space sims!

  2. Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite games even as someone who doesn’t fare well with heights (in fact, the only game thus far to trigger my fear of heights has been the original assassin’s creed game when you swan dive off tall buildings into hay carts). It is unfortunate that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst wasn’t very good.

    1. Yeah, I somehow own both, but have heard much better things about the original, which is why I decided to go with that. Maybe it’s good I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed too much. :)

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