An Ode to iMUSE (or Missing Contextually-Based Music in Space Games)

After I published the story of my most memorable dogfight the other day, we got into a discussion about TIE Fighter and its ilk on one of my favorite gaming forums, Quarter to Three. During that discussion, someone brought up the amazing interactive and contextual music system that LucasArts was using back at the time, […]

OMG – New Drox Operative Screenshots!!!

Thanks to Marcin over at Quarter to Three for this tidbit. The Drox Operative website has been updated with the first ever batch of screenshots, and BOOOOY do they look dang puuuurdy. Head over here to see ‘em in all there glory! Now I’m even more giddy for Soldak to take my money. ;)

Spacey Snippets – 10/26/11

Hey y’all, since I’ve been working hard to try and pound out the original content on this site, a bunch of spacey news pieces have slipped by me. Since I wanna make sure y’all get the latest spacey news, I’ve decided to consolitate ‘em all into a new regular segment called “Spacey Snippets”. These will […]

What’s Your Most Memorable Dogfight?

Anyone who’s played space combat games for a long time probably has several tales of brilliant success or failure that have been seared into their brains over the years. A brilliant victory, a crushing defeat, a desperate battle against incredible odds, that sort of thing. If you’re a veteran of as many space battles as […]

Game Finding Fail :(

So for the last several days, I’ve tried to track down a copy of 1973’s Star Trek (Script Game), which is different from the 1971 version I’ve already reviewed. I’ve contacted the author, but he’s not replied yet, so until he does…if he does, I have to skip that game and move onto the next one. […]