Star Conflict Announced – New Screens and Teaser Vid

Star Conflict Screenshot 1
Pretty capital ship.

Over the last could of days, a new space-based MMO with spaceships entitled Star Conflict has been announced…kinda. There’s no press release, and the website I just linked to is light on info at the moment, so all we really have is a brief description, a teaser video and some screenshots…all of which look dang pretty, admittedly. Click below to see the screenshots and the video, and I’ll bring you more on this game as I get it.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Star Conflict Announced – New Screens and Teaser Vid

  1. It looks amazing, but I switch off when I read 'MMO'.

    I am sick of MMO.

    I want a single player spaceshooter/trading game in the tradition of Privateer or Xwing vs Tie-fighter.

    1. Fair enough, but for me, it's "yay, new spaceships to fly" so I say bring it on. :) Have you played the X or Evochron games?

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