Buy Captain Forever, Get Sequels for $9

You know what to do...

Thanks to DDDeals for pointing this out. Apparently the folks behind the space shooter Captain Forever — an Asteroids style shooter wherein you add components to your ship as you fly and fight — is asking for support on their further projects. If you spend $9, you get a PC copy of Captain Forever as well as access to their upcoming games such as Captain Jameson, which is an RPG update to Captain Forever and looks pretty cool. I just shelled out the $9 to try these, so I’ll be back soon with a report. Check ’em out while you’re waiting by reading more here. :)

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      1. Heh. Yeah, it can be a little crazy trying to rebuild your ship when someone sneaks up on you.

        In Jameson there are plenty of safe areas to sit quietly and contemplate your build.

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