Tom Wilson (Maniac) Makes With the Funny on Netflix

Tom Wilson's Bigger than You
Maniac! Noooo!

While many folks know Tom Wilson from the Back to the Future movies, my favorite role of his was as “Maniac” in the last three Wing Commander games. I knew he was a stand up comedian, but I’ve never gotten a chance to see his stand up until now, thanks to Netflix. If you have Netflix streaming, you can watch Tom Wilson’s stand up special, “Bigger than You”. I’ve not seen it yet, but he seems to be a pretty funny guy, so I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Tom Wilson (Maniac) Makes With the Funny on Netflix

  1. Coincidentally, I watched Back to the Future III last night for the first time in probably 20 years (jesus). I always liked Tom in those movies, but I never played the FMV Wing Commander games – have to see what his standup is like.

    1. Wow, WC 3-5 are pretty damned good. 4 is my favorite in the whole series. Wilson does a great job embodying the confident comic relief that is Maniac.

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