Star Corsairs: A New Spacey Top Down MMO Gamey Thing

Looks like combat!
Boom! Boom! Kill kill!

Apparently a new, free to play (F2P) browser-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) called Star Corsairs (SC) has launched today from the folks at Machine 22 (M22 – this is fun!). According to the press release, SC includes the following (my comments in parentheses, like this one):

  • Real-time epic space battles (I like that)
  • Pilot fast fighters or powerful capital spaceships (I’ll take the capital ships, please)
  • Create and upgrade components for your spaceships (Upgrades! Awesome!)
  • Fight aliens, mine asteroids or engage in PvP battles (I’ll stick with mining…what, I like mining!)
  • Jump into the action right away with public missions (Missions, yay!)
  • Create an alliance and claim domination over systems (Oohhh, meta game, fun!)
  • Become the most respected merchant of the galaxy (You mean like Quark on DS9?)

Overall, it looks like fun, and it’s F2P in a browser, so I’ll be giving it a try, and so should you. If you need more coaxing, you can see a trailer and some more screenshots after the jump. Have fun!

Author: Brian Rubin

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